Living Wage Press Release


Living Wage Demonstration – Town Hall Square Sep 24
photo opportunity: 8am to 9am

The Campaign Against NHS Privatization, (CANP) is to carry out an action at the Town Hall to demand a living wage when Leicester City Council host a workshop to help firms win local public sector contracts. (1) (2)

“The lowest paid staff are often those working in a contracted out service such as social care in the independent sector.

“We understand that the City Council pays the living wage to its own staff. However, a living wage which allows people to afford the essentials of life for their families is often not paid when services are contracted out to other providers.” said Bob Ball, CANP spokesperson. (3)

He added: “We are trying to raise awareness with the firms, organisations in the independent sector attending the workshop and also the City Council who have outsourced social care in Leicester.”

Sally Ruane (CANP) said: “Successive governments have forced local authorities to generate ‘efficiencies’ through contracting with the lowest-cost operators in the independent sector.

“However, ensuring a living wage may be dependent on the City Council paying enough for the contract.”

She continued: “Our preference is for services to be provided in house. However, when contracting out public services, the Council must find a way to ensure that contractors pay a a living wage.

1)How to secure public sector contracts (Leics)

2) A living wage means every worker in the country will earn enough to provide their family with the essentials of life. We believe that work should be the surest way out of poverty.

Currently there are two voluntary living-wage rates: in London £8.80 per hour and in rest of UK, including Leicester, £7.65 per hour.

According to the Unison web report below, 4.8 mmillion people, 20% of the working population, earn less than a living wage.

Currently the taxpayer is subsidising poverty wages to the tune of £3.6bn per year, including £1.1bn in means tested benefits.

3). Living wage – as of 1 January  2014, Leicester City Council employees (excluding those on our employment schemes) will earn no less than £14,759 for a full time role.  The minimum hourly rate will be £7.65.

The demand for a living wage is one of four key demands, which are;

i) An NHS reinstatement bill is passed as soon as a new Government comes into office.
ii) Funding of the NHS must increase by 4 per cent in real terms each year.
iii) Any reorganisation of health care services should be founded upon a solid evidence base.
iv.All workers providing health and social care should be paid the living wage as a minimum.

5.CANP was formed in 2010 to campaign for a better health service and to defend the NHS from privatization. For more information visit:

5.The future of the NHS? Lessons in the market through Social Care in England. October 2013

Click to access CHPI-Lessons-from-the-social-care-market-October-2013.pdf

Further information, interviews:

Robert Ball, Campaign Against NHS Privatization Spokesperson: 077793 04081/0116 221 3224


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