Leicester Mercury articles Dec 1st to Nov 28th

Coroner rules out suicide in tragic LRI case, but family disagree”, subtitled “‘Dad repeatedly told us he wanted to die’ say relatives” – choking-on-gown inquest; hospital negligence or determined suicide
a letter by Lesley Salter under “Join campaign on cancer drug” – allegedly, confusion over funding of cheap life-prolonging breast cancer drug denying patients treatment

“Campaigners welcome delay in heart unit consultation”, subtitled Public urged to back Glenfield”

“Hospitals urged to ban all smoking”, subtitled “No lighting up in buildings or grounds by anyone is recommended”

“Success storey”, subtitled “LRI car park has cut jams and raises cash for the NHS”

Letter by John Richardson in defence of Countethorpe Health Centre under “Health Centre has never let me down”

about an award to a triple stroke survivor for her work supporting other victims

Rates of teenage pregnancy down by half in five years”, subtitled “Heath education ‘is working'”

p. 16 “Medication errors found at care home”, subtitled “Site place(d) in special measures” – Devonshire Court, Oadby

p. 3 “Patient at LRI ‘suffocated on dressing gown'”, subtitled “Elderly man was found by a relative in a side room, inquest told”

p. 5 “Harry’s life-savers helped this little lot to thrive, too!” – parents’ praise for neonatal care


“Carers could be missing out, says MP”-on claiming support

all about the neonatal unit, care for the very premature and the unit’s connection with Glenfield children’s heart surgery and Ecmo
p. 8 “Hundreds due to attend NHS recruitment fair”

Online comments in response to last week’s STP articles:
November 25 2016, 3:49PM
The Leicestershire STP will cause havoc locally, removing key services (3 hospitals and 281 hospital beds) in the HOPE that enough community GPs, nurses and health visitors can be recruited to compensate for the loss of so much of our existing healthcare services. Any GP surgery that’s tried to recruit a GP, nurse or health visitor recently could have told Toby Sanders & co how daft an idea that is. There’s such a shortage of these highly qualified individuals GP Surgeries often can’t fill vacancies for months. Hiring temps (locums) to fill the gaps is extremely costly. So what’s the rationale for destroying local healthcare? It’s because Jeremy Hunt (Health Minister) says he can cut NHS costs by a further £22 billion – though he’s been unable to convince the Parliamentary Health Committee, Public Accounts Office and the National Audit Office that his schemes are in any way practical or that his figures stand up. The Chief Executive of the NHS Providers himself has written to the Parliamentary Health Committee saying Jeremy Hunt’s “plans” need to be torn up and redone. Leicestershire MUST NOT tear up our healthcare provision on the basis of daft, uncosted, impractical schemes dreamed up by Hunt. They’ll be thrown out soon enough. What we have to do here is to ensure Leicester healthcare doesn’t get damaged in the meantime. The Leicestershire draft STP doesn’t need amending, it needs to be thrown out. The planning process should be started again from scratch, with the fundamental purpose of the plan being to ensure Leicestershire’s future healthcare services meet the healthcare needs of Leicestershire’s people. Hopefully Hunt will be sacked within 12 months.
The Leicestershire STP group have made the fundamental mistake of basing their healthcare services plan on “back of a fag packet” calculations by the Health Minister and the management consultants trying to produce £22 billion cuts to NHS costs regardless what happens to patients or to the NHS itself. Leicestershire STP group should have worked from the basis – what healthcare services do Leicestershire people NEED and how can such services be delivered for the least cost? It’s central government’s responsibility to provide enough money to cover the REAL cost of providing Leicestershire’s healthcare; if they don’t, they should take the political flack for their failure and be forced to cough up more money. The public would rather fund the NHS than Tory pet projects like pointless air raids over Syria and killing badgers at £7,583 for each dead animal.
November 24 2016, 5:22PM
How much was spent by the NHS when they did the Acute Services Review a few years back…. 8 years or so? – the one where they looked at the LRI, General and Glenfield hospitals to decide what was the best and most efficient use of the hospitals to provide the Healthcare services required, over all 3 sites. It took years to come to a conclusion and then years arguing the issues, and years implementing the bits that were implemented……. and now we are going through it all again. Is it any wonder many people complain the NHS do not need more money, just to stop wasting the money they have already been given.
November 24 2016, 4:57PM
We have too few beds already – which is why operations get cancelled and there is grid lock in A&E. How can cutting the number of beds in any shape or form not damage services critically ? We have a GROWING population, we have an AGING population, Social Services have been decimated for years, and is again being radically slashed. Next thing you know they will be talking about virtual beds. Silly me – they already are. Virtual beds to anyone who haven’t heard about them are – staying at home, in our own bed. Which would not be a bad idea if it was for patients convalescing…… but with lack of community nurses, lack of social services, we will end up with patients at home NOT convalescing, but ill and needing treatment but no hospital bed available. More use of Crisis teams – usually someone talking to you on the phone. So we are ending up with virtual beds and phone help lines….. oh, and of course, self-diagnosis, on-line GPs, and no doubt phone aps. I can still remember going to my GP, and saying I thought I had X condition. The GP told me – I will tell you what you have…… Is that still going to be the case, or are we going to become the generation of self-diagnosis and self-medication?
November 24 2016, 4:46PM
There’s a foolhardy assumption in this draft plan that the damage done to healthcare by removing one of Leicester’s 3 acute hospitals and 2 of its community hospitals (38 beds being lost) can be compensated for by expanding primary care and by making patients take greater responsibility for their own health and well-being. As many patients know, it NOW takes 2 – 3 weeks often to see a GP or qualified nurse (it used to take only 2 – 3 days) because there’s such a dire shortage of qualified GPs and nurses. This situation will get worse because such large numbers of GPs and nurses are retiring within the next 5 years. The number of medical and nursing students is static or declining and in any case it takes a long time to train them (10 years in the case of a GP). The Leicestershire draft plan will remove a lot of the healthcare delivered through our acute and community hospitals while doing NOTHING to ensure there’s an adequate supply of properly trained, experienced GPs, nurses and other health professionals to look after us. Did those behind this plan even ask the GP surgeries whether they’d be ABLE to recruit enough new qualified staff

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