30/12/16 – 5/1/17

5th Jan
p. 10 “Distress at ambulance wait”, subtitled “Arriva under fire after wife waited three hours for hospital transport” – journey home for patient with dementia

p. 15 a complex letter, touching on various issues, by Adam Krupa, under “Why it’s time for a health revolution”

**p. 18 “New doctors appointed in move to save heart centre”, subtitled “Bid to meet new NHS standards”

4th January

??p. 7 “Have your say” – new plans, seeking patients’ and carers views

p. 6 “Hospital staff praised after festive record”, subtitled “Most patients ever at Christmas”

p. 8 “NHS trust seeks more nurses for the elderly” – LPNT

p. 15 a letter by Max Nottingham, Lincoln, under “NHS is going the way of the Titanic” – about privatisation

p. 18 “GPs want inspectors’ verdict reviewed” – Uppingham Surgery

3rd january
Ambulance service in crisis mode on first day of the year”, subtitled “Emas declares ‘critical incident’ as 2017 opens with a flood of calls”

p. 12 “It chokes me to think about the centre closing”, subtitled “Grandmother’s special reasons for saving city heart unit” – both her own and her son’s life saved there

2nd Jan
“MS patient wins battle to restore her benefits” – individual case about PIP decision

“NHS chiefs to reveal cash plans” – two public meetings in Lutterworth Two events are being held at the Wycliffe Rooms, George Street, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 4ED. The first will take place on Monday 9 January 2017 from 12pm to 3pm and the second on Tuesday 24 January from 6pm to 8.30pm. This follows the publication of the draft Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) last month. (info here)

31st December
“Hospitals have to see off rats and roaches” – pest control

p. 8 “MP: Booze is taking terrible toll on families – and on NHS”, Jon Ashworth, whose father was an alcoholic

p. 16 a letter by John Hume, People’s Health
Trust, under “Hoping to keep up the good work” – supporting community health support groups

??p. 9 “Student nurse scholarship” – a scholarship of up to £3,000 at DMU after governments’ withdrawal of NHS bursary scheme

30th December
Helping youngsters ‘get Into’ NHS work”, subtitled “Programme provides skills for the jobless”30

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