13th – 18th February 2017

17th February

**** Jon Ashworth under “Urgent action is needed to help patients and save NHS” –

15861616-largeAshworth: ‘Behind each statistic is a patient suffering’
It is now mid-February and the NHS is still in the grips of a crisis. Theresa May has lost control of the NHS this winter and it is patients who are paying the price. Standards of care are…

excerpt: Further pressure is being put on our local services by the upcoming Sustainability and Transformation Plan known as STP.
The Government is asking for local people and all agencies involved in health and social care to help redesign services, but they are pushing the finances extremely tight.
Nearly £400 million has to be saved by 2021 at a time of transforming services which actually costs money. The initial STP plan for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland suggests we will lose 250 acute hospital beds and 40 community beds by 2021.

letter by Patrick J Bowe under “This key centre shouldn’t shut”, Kingfisher Unit, cares for 37 vulnerable elderly people
p. 15 a letter by Derek C Goodwin under “I’m so impressed with or fine NHS” – frequent treatment for chronic illness

about Saturday’s march under “Plea to NHS: Don’t go breaking our hearts”

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