6/3/17 – 12/3/17

12th March
***Q and A: Chief executive of Leicester’s hospitals on what to expect from health services this year

Cutbacks to care will put pensioners’ lives at risk’”, subtitled “Changes to support proposed” – City Council: supported living accommodation

10th March

***(Glenfield children’s Heart Unit) “No assurances of help to meet surgery standards”, subtitled “NHS England says number of procedures still an issue with Glenfield”

9th March

****“Hundreds in rally protest against heart unit closure”, subtitled “Campaigners make feelings known about threat to Glenfield centre” – outside consultation meeting

p. 10 “Apology for woman’s death”, subtitled “Pensioner, 77, left to choke on doughnut and suffered brain damage” – Inquest; Evington Centre, Leicester General

p. 15 a long letter by Michael Barker under “Listen to public on NHS cutbacks”8th March

7th March
p. 8 “After 30 years of campaigns £7.5m treatment unit opens”, subtitled “After a catalogue of delays, Harborough has new health centre” – St. Luke’s, Market Harborough
p. 26 “New team gets contract for crisis house, subtitled “Turning Point for care services” – Box Tree Farm mental health crisis house contract given to Turning Point
(No online link.).This marks a change of contract from one charitable organisation to another. Leicestershire Partnership Trust Mental Health Services.

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