27/3/17 – 1/4/17

1st April
Survey of GP receptionists

GP receptionist – ‘We are there to help patients’
Footballer’s wife Rebekah Vardy hit social media headlines when she publicly posted “Why are GP receptionists at doctor’s surgeries so stuck up and rude!” But research by the…


p. 15 a letter by Robert Ball under “Impossible task for cash-hit NHS”

p. 15 a letter by Adam Goddard under “Privatisation is causing stress”

p. 20 “Survey to find out quality of mental health care services”, subtitled “800 people asked for feedback”
Letter by Gwyneth Dunkley under “Bleak prognosis for troubled NHS” – this needs an urgent answer/further clarification, pointing out that the NHS is being run down so as to facilitate increasing privatisation
Survey Leicestershire GP receptionists
p. 22 “New arrivals urged to get TB checks”
p. 15 a letter, no name, under “Next time I’ll bypass my GP” – i.e. go to Urgent Care – the problems of getting seen in surgery and outpatients

p. 22 “NHS cuts plan criticised”, subtitled “Watchdog says Rutland bears brunt of £400m proposals” – Healthwatch Rutland”

p. 23 “Hospitals cancel ops”, subtitled “Winter vomiting bug outbreak and surge in A&E admissions blamed”
p. 24 “Under fours having teeth taken out in hospitals”, subtitled “Toddlers’ dental hygiene report”

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