3/4/17 – 8/4/17


“’Phone costs out of order’”, subtitled “Warning over hospital charges” – Hospedia monopoly


Inspectors criticise quarter of GP surgeries in East of county


***???p. 18 “Plan to tackle NHS priorities” – NHS England

p. 29 “Baby care cash lift for city’s hospitals”, subtitled “Funding will be used for training and making safety improvements”

p. 37 “MP helps give transplant patients a second chance”, subtitled “Praise for Ashworth as NHS rethinks plan to cut funding” – NHS England had had plans to no longer routinely fund second stem cell transplants when needed

p. 40 “Battle to beat bowel cancer”, subtitled “Students trained to offer advice” to work with hospital reps on screening promotion stall
**“150 operations cancelled due to high numbers of patients at A&E”, subtitled “Second time in six weeks decision taken as hospitals try to cope”


“New patient transport firm named”, subtitled “Services, staff to transfer to part of Thames Group in £28m deal” – with Sally’s comment and picture
* page 9 very good letter by Suresh Chauhan under “My take on what the Tories have done”, a lot about them failing the NHS

**p. 20 “Glenfield heart unit “There is everything to fight for still’”, subtitled “Patients and families facing arduous journeys if closure goes ahead”

p. 23 “Scarlet fever cases on rise in city and county”, subtitled “Reports of contagious illness up 400% in Charnwood”
“More city girls get pregnant”, subtitled “Fractional rise in Leicester, but continued fall in county”


Not enough exercise puts health at risk”, subtitled “Obesity has reached crisis levels, with hospital admissions up, and more risk of serious illness. There is a solution, Cathy Buss learns”, plus various other subtitles
p. 15 a letter by Emma-Lucy Thomson, founder of Asperger Syndrome Support Group Online, under “Ignorance just serves to fuel our self-hatre

Letter 29th March

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