11) 12/09/20 – 28/09/20

Monday 28th

All of pages 1 – 3 on the consultation for the hospital plans under

“City’s £450m care package”,




“Coping with Covid would have been ‘significantly’ easier with changes”

“Have your say on £450m plans for city’s hospitals”



Saturday 26th

Today, there is again a lot about the Covid restrictions on pages 4 – 7, incl. the latest infection figures and four cases at the city universities. A letter on pop-up Covid cycle lanes on p. 15.

p. 11 “Scheme urging people to call 111 before A&E visit to be launched

Friday 25th

Today, pages 4 – 7 are about the lockdown:

p. 4 about a disputed restaurant closure

p 5 about policing it locally

p. 6/7 about hotspots for infection and a park curfew in Oadby & Wigston

p. 11 “Couple in fight to get cancer drug on NHS to help extend Lee’s life”, subtitled “Hopes of patient with chemo-resistant illness”

Thurs 24th

All about Covid today:

p. 1 “The march of Covid-19 across the city”

p. 2/3 “Virus outbreaks spreading – …” and “lockdown ‘fatigue’ is playing part…”

p. 3 “Another 130 are positive”

p. 4 “’Schools not to blame for the surge in Covid cases’”

p. 5 “Patient in w40s among three who died in past week..” and

        “’Household clusters, but rates are down” -Oadby and Wigston

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Vaccination concerns” – vaccination refusers

                                         “Asda virus marshals” – insisting on rules in its shops

Wed 23rd

Today again mostly lockdown and virus:

Pages 1 – 3 “’Heroic effort’” – PM praising city and all about new rules and their effect

p. 4 “More than 500 cases in the city and county”

p. 8 “Students in Covid protection pledge” – signing pledge at De Mont

p. 12 NATIONAL “New rules ‘could last six months’”

 p. 15 several letters about Covid rules/handling, the best being

          Claudia Webbe, MP, under “Government must urgently get a grip”

p. 20 “Men who beat virus urged to donate plasma” – for antibody transfusion

p. 6 “More pupils stay home after new Covid cases” – , groups/bubbles having been sent home

Tuesday 22nd

p. 7 “New lockdown for borough, but will the public obey it?” – many in Wigston unhappy

p. 12 NATIONAL “Daily death rate ‘could reach 200’”

p. 17 “NHS frontline staff urged to get flu jab as soon as possible”

Monday 21st

p. 8 “NHS trust proposing upgrade to screening services”, subtitled “New building at Glenfield to support endoscopy” centralising equipment decontamination facilities


Saturday 19th

Today pages 1 – 7 are about lockdown and restrictions:

“Return to lockdown” – Oadby and Wigston, pages 1, 2, 3

 p. 4 “Shielding end date for city’s vulnerable residents revealed”

p. 5 “Extra support for district in a bid to stave off lockdown” – Blaby

p. 5 “Special school closes…” Ellesmere College, four cases in one bubble

p. 6 about cancellations of events and a campus ban on student for a house party

p. 7 “City puts the cost of Covid at £40m”

      and Oadby restaurant closed for non-compliance

p. 12 NATIONAL “UK regions hit by fresh restrictions”

p. 13 WORLD “Global corona virus cases top 30 million”

p. 18 “Mass flu jab session organised” – with free eye tests; Harborough Medical Centre with district council

Friday 18th

p. 1/5 “Stay away”, “’Don’t go to GP or A&E for test’”,  subtitled “Plea after rise in Covid patients on wards”


p. 12 NATIONAL “Rees-Mogg: ‘Stop all this carping’” – about problems with testing

“   “    “                , brief “Mental illness worry” – about it going unnoticed

Several letters on p. 15 about the pandemic and its handling and lockdown

p. 24 “Firms face Covid spot checks” – Harborough district

Thurs 17th

p. 4 “More restrictions in borough very likely” – Oadby and Wigston

p. 5 “Curfew for parks” – O. & W., ban from 5 pm to 7 am

p. 5 “Parents asked to wear masks at school gates” – county council

p. 12 NATIONAL “Coronavirus care home fears rising”

p. 15 several letters (Bill Randell, Elizabeth Allison, Ray Newcombe, Malcolm Hunter) about issues    around the virus and

          a letter by Ellen Daniels from the British Compressed Gases Association asking people to press for a retail ban on nitrous oxide under “Misuse of this gas is no laughing matter”

p. 18/19 “After four years Sam gets call…” about kidney transplant surgery during lockdown


Wed 16th

p. 2 “Oadby & Wigston risks further local lockdown as infection rates soar”

p. 8 “Virus hits more schools”

p. 12 NATIONAL ”’Priority list’ for corona virus tests”

p. 19 “Covid cases predicted to rise among over-60s”

Tues 15th

p. 20 “Academics and council improving lives in city” – De Montford University and LCC, incl. local health issues

All of pages 1 – 7, “Still in the dark”, “Covid testing system a joke”, Timeline: How we got to where we are now”, and more, are questioning the government’s handling of it.

p. 12 NATIONAL “2,000 to receive Covid clinical trial” – lab-made antibodies

p. 15 a letter by Darral Judson about majority non-compliance and security staff’s non-enforcement of shop-mask rules

p. 21 “Experts lead study on Covid’s effect on kidney patients” – incl. team at the General

p. 22 “Calls to have say on rehab centre” – via public consultation

Sat 12th

p. 6 “Over 40 schoold hit – but number of cases ‘is low’”

p. 7 “100 cases confirmed in a day” – city and county, and “Lockdown restrictions further eased”

p. 8/9 “Sorry, folks, but Christmas and Diwali have just been cancelled” – the lights

p. 13 WORLD “Retesting ordered as India cases rise”

P. 16 “Virus increasing budget pressure”

p. 24 “More libraries in city open doors”