12) 18/8/20 – 11/9/20

Doctor makes it clear where you are most at risk of coronavirus ahead of any second wave




11th September

105 new coronavirus cases confirmed in just 24 hours – here’s where. The latest figures take Covid-19 cases in the city past the 6,000 mark


p. 5 “’Bring our city restrictions in line with the rest of England’” – Soulsby, though rate of new infections (same page) more than doubled last week

p. 6 “Cases jump in younger people from two areas” – county, Blaby and Harborough

p. 7 “Schools react to fresh cases”

p. 12 NATIONAL “Hancock heckled over ‘Moonshot’”

10th September

Pages 1 and 4 “Testing chaos” and “’People are trying to do the right thing but can’t’” – you couldn’t make it up, a must-read about governmental incompetence


p. 5 “Here is what you can and cannot do in Leicester now”

p. 6 about Arriva making a school transport more Covid-safe  and another school closing

page 10/11 about a Covid-denying protest group coming to Leicester


p. 12 NATIONAL the PM’s latest advice to the public and


p. 16 “Sight less college is under new provider” – in Loughborough, from RNIB to Sense

p. 3a1 “Helicopter’s lifesaving equipment improved for children” – Children’s Air Ambulance to have Ecmo on board

9th September

p. 20 “Flu jabs invites are in the post” – with eligibility changed to 50+ and shielding people and their households

p. 7 “Another 67 contract coronavirus in a day in city and county”

pages 8 and 9 “Cases on the up again in the city, days before next lockdown review”

pages 10/11 “anxiety as service which helps cancer patients recover mentally is changed”, subtitled “Campaigners accuse NHS bosses of ‘decimating’ support – but health chiefs say service will be better”



p. 12 NATIONAL “UK warned it faces second virus peak

8th September

Covid first:

Suspected Covid-19 cases three times higher than official numbers, study suggests


Pages 1, 4 and 5 “Schools tell hundreds of children…”; “Schools are hit…” – nine schools closed

p. 4 “58 more cases confirmed”

p. 12 NATIONAL “Young blamed for rise in virus cases”

p. 15 “Feeling at risk…” non-enforcing of mask wearing on buses

p. 16 “Thousands sign up for vaccine research”

p. 22 “’Asian sweatshop owners’ slammed in Lords outburst” – blame-games over Covid


p. 7 “’Failing’ ruling on care home” – Leicestershire County Care, Curtis Weston home.


7th September

p. 27 “Prestigious role for city psychiatry professor”

5th September

Pages 1, 4 and 5 “Lockdown rules eased next week” – still no meeting in homes , pages 4 & 5 about recovery plans


p. 6 “£800,000 for extra school bus services” – social distancing

p. 7 “New lab will boost testing capacity to 50,000 a day” – misprint: should read 500,000; Loughborough

p. 12 NATIONAL “I accept confusion on Covid – Shapps”

p. 12 “                 , brief: “Cold ‘can combat flu’” – suggestion of rhinovirus preventing flu infection

p. 15 a letter by G Astill under “Seeing doctor by video is not a positive step” – making some assumptions

4th Sept

Pages 6 and 7 about the effect of lockdown for Leicester – county councillor v. Mayor, and the national virus prevalence rates

p. 10 “Rik urging all to join register of stem cell donors”, subtitled “Huge drop in the numbers signing up due to Covid”


pages 22/23 “Leicestershire Cares roll call of honour” – praising organisations, groups and individuals; seems a good idea  

Pages 1 and 5 “Best in the nation for Covid care”, subtitled “City hospitals one of top three trusts” and “City hospitals among best for virus outcomes”


p. 4 “Doctor will see you now – by phone call or video”, subtitled “Target of 70% of outpatient appointments being virtual by year’s end”

3rd September

Pages 4 and 5 “City is now down to 24th highest in national Covid table”


                          “Health chief concerned over the random number of cases” – county

p. 15 a long unnamed letter under “The coronavirus threat has been overstated”

p. 19 “Hospital’s A&E ward in top five in country” – George Eliot, Nuneaton

p. 21 “Casts ‘just as effective as surgery’” – new research, certain wrist fractures

2nd September

Pages 4 and 5 are about the pandemic: “Cafe shut again…”; “Downward trend continues”, “852 deaths in total…”; “Primary pupil tests positive…”

p. 6 “Plymouth man offered Covid test in Leicester, 189 miles away”, subtitled “Ministry says the system is working, but demand high”

p. 12 NATIONAL “Government ‘not blown off course’” – PM defending himself against attacks over handling of pandemic

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Male suicide rate up” – UK

1st September

p. 2 “Infection rate in city shows sharp fall over the past week” and

        “16 more cases in 24 hours” – city and county

p. 7 “’We appear to have been just left to rot by the government’” – remaining restrictions

p. 7 “South Asian plasma donors wanted urgently” – Covid-antibody plasma


p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “NHS diet plan” – to reverse/improve type 2 diabetes

31st August

p. 6 “Lockdown suicide numbers closely monitored”

p. 11 “Woman in chronic pain fearful her meds could be stopped”, subtitled “Petition to prevent changes to guidelines on drugs that help”

29th August

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “”AI diagnoses boost” – cash for centres to develop AI to speed up cancer diagnoses

28th August

p. 7 “’Insult’ that city not in payment pilot scheme”, subtitled “MP wants cash for the self-isolating available in Leicester – Jon Ashworth


p. 12 NATIONAL “Hancock defends isolation payment” – related to above

27th August

pages 1, 10 and 11 “The NHS cannot help at the time I need them most” – 49-year-old GP with cancer; this is about the unfairness of the rules on drugs available on the NHS 

p. 5 “Council ‘working hard’ to provide opened schools with face masks” – for pupils arriving without them

 26th August

p. 4 “Infection rate in city still in UK top three” – 42.2per 100,000

p. 23 “City hospital is first in UK to do new heart procedure” – Glenfield for atrial fibrillation


 25th August

p. 20 “Public protest over NHS pay” – Save Our NHS


24th August

p. 7 “Payout to grieving family as hospital admits to botched operation” – LRI, not the only patient with serious complaints after maxillo-facial surgery

p. 10 “Britain’s oldest long-term transplant survivor Ted just taking one day at a time” – heart transplant 30 years ago


p. 16 “Vaccine trial seeks black and Asian volunteers” – for Covid-19

Woman suffering from crippling chronic pain ‘frightened’ of future as medication could be taken away


21st August

p. 6 “Two virus spikes being monitored” – Oadby and Wigston and Melton

p. 7 “We tried to lift garden ban” – city council; rules stricter for private gardens than for pubs

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Renters eviction risk” – as protection ends

“Covid-recovered ‘ill’” – nearly 75% of those release from hospitals having serious after-effects  

“Skin cancer warning” – steep rise since 70s, esp. in men

p. 19 “People who beat Covid are wanted to give plasma” 

p. 25 “Highly accurate prostate cancer test offers hope for thousands”, subtitled “Diagnosis could be faster and far simpler thanks to East Midlands research”

19th August

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Depression on rise”

p. 21 “Overcoming obstacles to clear the way for new hospital wards”, subtitled “Radiology section redesign projects particular success” – Glenfield

p. 23 “Team goal is to make sure pupils get vital vaccines” – vaccination sessions for pupils who missed out at King Power Stadium

18th August 

p. 22 “Covid stress could lead to reduction in birth weights” -research

p. 26 “Health team helping keep patients out of hospital”, subtitled “Almost 700 therapists and nurses treat people at home” – LPNT