13) 20/7/20 – 14/8/20

14 August

Leicester lockdown restrictions to remain in place with review now next week


p. 2 “Windfall for A&E as NHS is given extra £300 for winter” ACTUALLY £2 MILL FOR LEICESTER.


p. 2 “No hospital deaths for more than a fortnight”

 p. 3 “’Sticking to the guidelines is the city’s quickest way out of lockdown’” – Ivan Browne

 p. 4 “Local expertise is crucial in search for Covid-19 cases”

 p. 5 “Free face coverings for those most at risk from the virus” – city council

 p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “3m’have had virus’” – UK estimate of 3.4m, antibody test results

 p. 12 “                    “        “NHS waiting list woe” – for routine treatment

 p. 24 Jon Ashworth in In the House under “Effective track and trace and mass flu programme key to people’s safety”

 13 August

Pages 1 and 5 “Virus still spreading house to house”

 p. 4 “Piyush first to join study of virus’s effects in long-term” PHOSP-Covid study into aftereffects and aftercare


p. 15 a letter by Suresh Chauhan under “I fear NHS cash pledge will not be honoured”

p. 15 a  letter by Elizabeth Allison under “Latest obesity strategy will end up like the rest


12 August

onlineLeicester’s Hospitals to receive share of £300m to prepare NHS for winter


p. 5 “Islamic charity takes children’s hospital appeal t £5m mark” – with £250,000


p. 7 “Biscuit factory in ‘side-wide testing’ after number of staff get coronavirus” – South Wigston

 p. 8 “Virus testing for uni’s staff and students” – screening on return

 pages 10 and 11 “’It’s about mental health, urging others to open up…” family after student suicide

 p. 12 NATIONAL “730,000 UK jobs lost since March”

 p. 12 “                , brief: “NHS staff test call” – by scientists, to identify symptomless potential spreaders

 p. 18 “Planners to work jointly on designs for hospitals” – Enderby builders with bigger group


11 August

Page 6 “More biscuit factory staff testing positive for virus”

 p. 6 “Urgent appeal for survivors to donate their blood plasma”

 p. 7 “’Pubs create a perfect storm for spread of Covid-19’”

 p. 7 “45 more cases confirmed”


10 August

Pages 4 and 5 “Covid-19 numbers” – for city and county

 p. 5 “Borough status changed after virus cases fall” – Oadby and Wigston  

 p. 6 “Grandmother who twice beat breast cancer can’t get another screening” – due to Covid no bookings for over-70 for the foreseeable future; previous policy was that you would no longer be invited, but could self-book

 p. 12 “Boost testing to reopen schools” PM urged by advisors and children’s commissioner  


8 August

p. 5 “City scientists lead the way on Covid research”

 p. 5 “New fall in infection rate” – small fall from last week

 p. 12 NATIONAL “Virus growth rate ‘may be increasing’”

p. 15 a letter by Les Gallop under “Remote consultations won’t work for all of u


7 August

p. 6 “’More restrictions may be needed so schools go back’” – Jon Ashworth

 p. 6 “Sharp drop in number with virus in hospitals”

p. 7 “66,000 awaiting treatment”, subtitled “Almost 1,500 now on list for over a year”

 p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “NHS masks ‘unsafe’” – should not be used

p. 15 a long letter, no name, under “We’re in poor shape to combat coronavirus”

 pages 20 and 21 “Number of abortions in county at record level among fears pandemic will see it rise further” – years of cuts to sexual health services leaving women struggling to get contraceptives


5 August

P. 8 about Eid al-Adha cancellation due to virus

p. 15 a letter by James A Hutchinson under “What makes Ashworth and Ali health experts?”, in answer to Keith Langley and defending Boris

p. 1a2 NATIONAL “Schools ‘have to come before pubs’” – Anne Longfield, children’s commissioner

p. 6 “City leads way with immunity research”


p. 6 “Covid cases confirmed at town’s food factory” – Samworth’s in Melton, a few cases

p. 7 “Testing to be ramped up in bid to avoid new lockdown” – in Melton

p. 7 “MP takes to Twitter to quash rumours of new restrictions” – Melton


4 August

Not NHS:

p. 15 a letter by Suresh Chauhan under “Paulette was and still is an inspiration for many” – Home Office injustice


3 August

Pages 2, 5 and 6 are about the lockdown: hundreds of ‘kids’ gathering and fighting in Bede Park on Thursday; problems for businesses and events

P 15 two letters, one about test app problems and one of thanks to Glenfield endoscopy staff

. 4 Covid statistics under “Further 36 cases…”

p. 4 “My part in tests…” – Covid research nationwide and at Queens Medical Centre

 pages 10 and 11 “Area with highest rate of childhood obesity is revealed” – Charnwood


1 August

Today, most of pages 1 – 5 is about the lifting of some lockdown restrictions in Leicester and Oadby, which will be under national rules from Monday.

p. 3 the Covid statistics under “New cases…”

p. 12 NATIONAL “England lockdown easing put on hold”

p. 15 a letter by Eleanor Thompson, RNBI, under “Post-Covid ‘normal’ should include us all” – the risk to the blind of pavements turned into cycle lanes and outdoor eating areas


31 July

p. 6 “Testing pod is set up at city hospital” – in Portacabins at the Spire so as to keep possible Covid carriers out of hospital buildings

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “England suffers most” -highest excess mortality in Europe

p. 15 three letters:

Frustration and anger about shielding advice” – Mo Peberdy

PM doesn’t need help, but textile workers do” – P Shooter

Tories and Labour both wrong on social care” – Tom Barker


27th July

Leicester Lockdown updates: Restrictions may be lifted this week



Leicester’s 7-day coronavirus infection rate drops – days before local lockdown decision


MP calls on health secretary to back mission to save Lutterworth’s cottage hospital



25th July

Pages 1, 4 and 5 “Positive Covid-19 tests plummeting” – from 13.1% to 1.9% of tests

p. 15 a letter by Subhash Varambhia under “Hard to separate facts from the fiction”

p. 15 a letter by Vic Rayner, National Care Forum, under “Care workers have been snubbed by government – on pay

p. 25 “’Do not let lockdown be excuse to suffer in silence’”, subtitled “Psychiatrist urges people to call NHS if feeling low”


24th July

p. 12 “                    “        “Care price still high” – depleting all savings;



23rd July

. 5 “Care homes staff are told not to use government-issue virus testing kits” – and left without anything as those kits ‘may not meet our required safety standards’

p. 7 “Fewer than 40 cases confirmed” – in 24 hours in city and county  

New coronavirus testing centre set up on Leicester’s Jubilee Square  


p. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Rapid virus test trial” – results in under an hour


22nd July

p. 6 “Test and trace success rate in city ‘at 65%’”, subtitled “But figure is lower than the national average”

p. 6 “Impact on elderly ‘immense’” – Age UK

 p. 7 “Infection rate in Blackburn overtakes city”

p. 21 “Cancer breakthrough in city” – may lead to personalised treatment for blood cancers


We councillors strongly object to new lockdown” – five from Oadby and Wigston

Pick an MP who will do best for all of society” – Adam Krupa

Blaming government is not showing leadership” – Baroness Verma having go at city council


21st July

p. 8/9 “Will new powers mean that Leicester will be the only city put into lockdown?”

p. 8 “Restricted areas still show biggest increase in cases”

p. 12 NATIONAL “Vaccine triggers immune response”

p. 15 has interesting letters on lockdown, its borders, sweatshops, incl. a good one by Tony Moore under “Sir Peter not to blame over exploited workers,


20th July

p. 4 “Report bid to cut ethnic minority health inequality”

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Anxious cancer wait” – 44% rise in patients waiting for key tests

p. 15 a letter by Paul Allen under “Isolate high-infection areas by postcode”