17) 9/5/20 – 23/5/20

May 23rd

Pages 1, 2 and 3 “School shut after pupil’s positive Covid test” – Rushey Mead

p. 12 NATIONAL “UK arrivals could face £1,000 fines” – if they breach new quarantine or testing rules

 p. 15 a letter by Robert Ball under “Give care workers’ pay parity with NHS staff”

Missing man Neil found dead in hospital after fortnight in coma” – vulnerable person died of the virus

p. 23 “Private city hospital extends help to NHS” – Nuffield


May 22nd

Today there is again a lot on the virus’ effects, such as personal stories, advice etc., incl. a long  letter by Suleman Nagdi on how best to handle Eid observances.

p. 13 “Oxfam operations halt in 18 countries”- partly as result of Covid 

p. 15 a letter by Caroline Moles, adding to those by Jill Friedmann and Paul Henderson, under “Too many care homes run to make a profit”

p. 12 NATIONAL “No 10 firm over track and trace” – rejecting use of app despite expert advice

 p. 12 “                , brief: “Boris U-turn on fees” – immigration health surcharge for health and care workers

May 21st

Covid, health & NHS:

p. 5 “One patient dies in hospital”

p. 8 “Victorian hospital lies empty during crisis as it is not Covid-19 safe” Feilding Palmer LUTTERWORTH https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/health/hospital-suspends-admissions-because-age-4142070

p. 13 WORLD “Indonesia sees rise in deaths amid hope – will reduce restrictions

May 20th

p. 15 a letter, no name, under “Lack of action fuelled the care home crisis”

p. 19 “Doing their bit giving PPE kit” – a nice story about making child-friendly, colourful scrubs for Rainbows, and about other actions to help those caught in the crisis

May 19th

More coronavirus deaths announced by Leicester’s hospitals      https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/more-coronavirus-deaths-announced-leicesters-4146731

p. 3 “’Not primary spreaders’” – school children; the whole page is about schools re-opening

p. 12 NATIONAL “Over-fives to get tested for virus”

p. 13 WORLD “WHO chief pledges virus response probe”

and “Seventy cases of Covid-19 linked to French schools reopening”

p. 19 “Map reveals areas with most Covid-19 deaths” – in Leicestershire;

p. 15 a letter by Jill Friedmann under “Company should pay all its staff a decent wage” -Leicestershire County Care Homes Ltd.re article May 13th

May 18th

Midlands worst-hit region for Covid-19 deaths over weekend as pressure mounts on Boris Johnson


 MP warns virus impact with us for a long time” – Dr Luke Evans, Bosworth, a GP I believe

p. 3 “Five deaths reported by hospitals in the city”

p. 4 “Tributes paid to ‘stalwart’ doctor with big personality” – Dr Thomas Oelmann, out-of-hous doctor and GP trainer, died at 57 of Covid

p. 5 “Warning after testing kits seized at airport” -not cleared for use in UK

May 17th

No further Covid-19 deaths reported at Leicester’s hospitalsThe total stands at 310


May 16th

p. 5 “Care home death toll rises” –

p. 5 “Big increase in hospital deaths”

p. 12 NATIONAL “Results of vaccine trial ‘by mid-June’”

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “A&E trips at new low”

p. 4 “Council predicts Covid-19 could cost it £”40m”

p. 6 “Strict social distancing won’t work in schools, academies chief warns”

May 14th

Pages 2 and 3 “Junior doctor who caught virus: I understand now what it is like when you can’t breathe”

p. 5 “Eight more deaths in hospitals revealed”

p. 7 “Virus test site pops up in town” – Hinckley

May 13th

Glenfield Hospital children’s heart surgery should now return, says NHS worker


pages 1 and 3 “98 care home staff facing redundancy” and “Home staff caring for virus patients face axe” Leicestershire County Care Ltd.; the staff affected have rejected a package of up to 30% salary reduction as well as lower sick pay and less holiday allowance. Some of the firm’s homes keep getting very poor ratings. They were previously run by the County Council.


Frontline care home staff – some looking after residents with coronavirus – are facing redundancy after refusing to sign new contracts that would see their wages cut by up to 30 per cent.

p. 6 “Hospice’s helpline for grieving families is launched” – Rainbows, esp. For Covid-victims

p. 12 NATIONAL “Furlough scheme set for extension”

p. 13 WORLD “Restrictions eased despite warning” – India, Philippines,

p. 18 In the House Liz Kendall under “Social care needs right support – now and in the future”

p. 19 “Boris shifting the onus to individual”, subtitled “’Now you’re to blame if you get infected” – Professor Alistair Jones, DMU

May 12th

p. 2 “How Covid-19 crisis measures could help transform the lives of city’s most needy” – homeless charity

p. 2 “Hospitals toll reaches 266…”

p. 3 “’Very little guidance from head office’ but care home staff have kept the virus at bay” – by care worker

p. 12 NATIONAL “Arrivals ‘must give quarantine address” – BJ

p. 12 “                 , brief “’No pregnancy risk’” – i.e. no increased risk

p. 13 WORLD “Europe easing itself into the new normal”

p. 19 “Volunteers prep, pack and send out PPE kit” –  DMU

May 11th

p. 3 “How Covid-1a9 crisis could change hospitals’ revamp”, subtitled “Outpatients services one area that may alter ‘dramatically’” – more use of remote technologies LEICS HOSPITALS RECONFIGURATION


p. 3 “Jump in the number of deaths at city hospitals”

p. 12 NATIONAL “Use of daily stats is ‘number theatre” – Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter

p. 13 WORLD “New China and Korea spikes cause concern”

p. 15 a letter by Jean Horner, MBE, under “Tending to the sick and the heartbroken” – new role of nurses in lockdown

p. 15 a long letter by Michael Tully under “Could any government have done any worse?”

May 9th

. 2 “City hospitals ‘came within 8 hours of running out of PPE gear’”

p. 3 “Covid-19 ‘will be with us well into next year’”

p. 3 “Death toll up by three at city and county hospitals”

p. 4 “County patients helping Oxford team’s research to combat virus”

p. 6 “Health bosses urging Bame staff ‘to share concerns’ over high mortality rate”

p. 7 “Lockdown came too late – but PM ‘doing a good job’” – survey

p. 12 NATIONAL “Concern over spike in Covid-linked scams”

p. 13 WORLD “Virus cases edge up as countries reopen”

p. 15 a letter by Andy Vernon under “My isolation won’t end with Covid-19 crisis” – hearing loss

p. 21 “Student joins national Covid diagnosis drive” – helping in the lab

p. 23 “Extra cash for asylum seekers in lockdown”, subtitled “Race Equality Centre given emergency funding by police chief”0000000001