24) 20/01/20 – 25/01/20

25th January

Rapid response team to be set up in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to reduce elderly hospital admissions    https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/health/rapid-response-team-set-up-3777037

*The item states that Leics will be one of 7 national pilots, but something like this is already being planned through Community Services. i.e. preventing older people going to hospital and been attended to at home by special crisis teams. There is no local comment.


p. 6 “Patients are travelling miles for treatment as town’s health cash sits in a bank unspent”, subtitled “Revealed: what’s happened to £760k earmarked for services” – Ashby

p. 10 “Theodore was not given his last opportunity…” LRI, complaints from family of poor handling of severe stroke and death



. 2 “How public could be consulted on hospitals revamp”, subtitled “Questions that health chiefs want to ask patients”


the write up omits to mention any lobby or protest and solely describes some of UHL’s proposed ‘consultation’  questions!!!!!
The UHL made it clear that the Committee was only looking at the CONSULTATION document NOT ANY SUBSTANTIVE CONTENT  of the Reconfiguration plan.
The Leic Merc Patients Panel presented a paper AFTER the UHL consultation paper was discussed in which it warned that the engagement and consultation process so far could be flawed. 

p. 6 “Patients hit by cancelled ops”, subtitled “Beds shortage fuelled by respiratory illnesses” 


p. 50 (statistics) “The poor health of NHS waiting times”



p. 27 “Study gives insights into cancer that is on the rise” – Leicester has highest rate of endometrial cancer in UK, with South East Asian women esp. Vulnerable



p. 9 “More transgender patients could have eggs, sperm frozen”

p. 21 “Asthma is not taken seriously, say experts”

from The Guardian

As a junior doctor in A&E I’m calling on all my colleagues in Britain to go on strike Andrew Meyerson