28) 18/11/19 – 30/11/19


P 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Less qualified nurses” – and other NHS staff; note: it’s less, not fewer

p. 12 NATIONAL: “Parties go to war over NHS future”

 p. 15 a letter by David Girdler under “Hazards of trying to park at hospital” – problems at Glenfield 

 p. 17 “Recruitment day for health care helpers”


Pages 10 and 11 a personal story about anorexia treatment at the Langley Ward, Glenfield


p. 4 “Downgrade for GP surgery as new concerns come to light” – Narborough Road Surgery put in special measures; serious failures


Quality of care at unit recognised” – Langley Ward for adults with eating disorders



p. 19 “Unhygienic baby scans found at three sites” – Ultrasound Direct, Market Harborough with franchises all over the UK: probes for internal use not properly decontaminated, risking body fluids, incl. blood, being transferred  to other patients




p. 6 “Troubled M1 mum was twice seen in A&E before death” – ? adequate mental health provision

 p. 15 a letter by Suresh Chauhan under “Facts don’t bear out Tories’ NHS claims”


p. 7 “Hospital homes bid backed” – the city council’s plans to buy 175 homes in Hospital Close, Sold by the NHS to a developer  



p. 30 “Don’t ignore the dangers of Lyme disease” – lack of awareness and knowledge among medics and public 

p. 34 “How the rest of the world keeps NHS going”, subtitled “Most new NHS doctors are now trained overseas – and is the UK robbing poorer nations of their intellectual and financial resources?



. 15 a letter by Jessica Southworth of CLIC Sargent under “Helping families bear cost of cancer” appeal electronic postcard petition to politicians  for a Young Cancer Patient Travel Fund

 p. 23 “Heart disease link found” – by teams in UK, incl. Leicester, Hungary and USA

 p. 23 “Surgeon gets £1m for study” – Dr Saratzis for testing an intervention in aortic abdominal aneurysm