19) 16/03/20 – 04/04/20

April 4th

Today again a lot about the virus, incl. Spitting at police controlling the lock-down, effects on US economy, help and lack of help for vulnerable people incl. the homeless. I pick out:

 p. 15 a letter, nameless, under “Scrap HS2 and spend those billions on NHS”

 p. 19 “Important to look after your mental health” – tips and advice by Mind

 p. 2 “200 newly-qualified doctors fast-tracked to the NHS frontline” – from the UL

 p. 15 a letter, no name, under “We need a revolution in mental health care”


Again a lot about the virus and especially the economic outfall today, incl. letters on p. 15, and

Help us free up beds says Health chiefs (UHL)as they ask people to care for loved ones leaving hospital


Government pledges 100k Covid-19 tests per day as public praised for ‘admirable fortitude and spirit


More Corona deaths in Leicester hospitals


p. 13 “Spain suffers most deaths in one day”

p. 15 a letter, no name, in response to David Mathers’ letter criticising Tom Barker’s

 p. 2 “Under-used urgent care centres shut to get best out of staff” – drastic fall in attendance     since virus outbreak, staff re-deployed elsewhere


p. 2 “Free bus service to hospitals” – free weekend service introduced and well used

p. 2 “Council’s appeal for protective equipment for staff” – LCC

April 1st

Pages 1 and 3 suggesting to give the George Cross to the NHS, 

p. 2 “Seven more patients die at city hospitals” – 22 in total

p. 5 “University gives NHS kit to help tackle the virus” – from its labs

p. 5 “Emergency housing for ill rough sleepers”

p. 10 NATIONAL “Nightingale needs 16,000 workers” – the Covid-19 hospital

p. 13 “Global coronavirus cases top 800,000”

p. 15 a letter by David Mathers attacking Tom Barker’s of yesterday under “Crisis not the time for political point-scoring”


31st March

p. 5 an article dedicated to the doctor who died at Glenfield and

p. 13 one on the effects of the virus worldwide under “Spain crumbling…”

30th March

p. 3 “City hospitals death toll stands at 15” and

p. 8 “First UK doctor to be killed by virus dies in city hospital”


p. 13 “Spain, Italy demand virus help from EU”

p. 15 a letter by Tom Barker under “NHS appeal a show of working class solidarity”

p. 18 “Lockdown ‘largest-scale experiment ever’ on air quality” – Europe and Asia




p. 13 “US now hardest hit as infections surge”

27th March

p. 17 a full-page government/NHS ad with dos and don’ts

Cheers and applause erupts across Leicestershire as thousands honour frontline carers battling coronavirus


p. 25 In the House article by Edward Argar under “We all need to play our part in tackling this virus….”

pages 4 and 5 “More ventilators…”; “’Health service will be changed permanently’”; “Staffing level measures drawn up”; “NHS leaders’ letter to you”

p. 12 NATIONAL, not Covid-19: “Care ‘shortcomings’” – St. George’s, London, investigation into 67 heart surgery deaths

p. 16 “World buckles as virus cases near 500,000”  

26th March

p. 2 “Critically ill children could be moved to free up beds” – intensive care units to Birmingham

p. 12 NATIONAL “UK ‘coping well’ in fight against virus” – says Boris

p. 13 “Virus toll in Spain passes China” – at nearly 3,500 yesterday

p. 15, among other letters on the subject, one, nameless, under “PM voted in favour of cuts to health service”


25th March

The death of Michael Gerard of the virus has big coverage.



p. 12 NATIONAL “People are ‘selfish’ for ignoring advice” – Matt Hancock

This is how many high risk Leicestershire residents there are who will need ‘shielding’ for 12 weeks


p. 13 “Europe scrambles for medical supplies”

 p. 15 a letter by Pat Parkin-Moore, further to. S. C.’s letter above, under “An underfunded NHS will struggle to cope

p. 20 “Bid to get more nurses on board”, subtitled “Health visitors among those being recruited as part of drive”


p. 12 NATIONAL “Self-isolation vital for ‘at risk’ groups


Pages 1 an d 2 about another death at the LRI and

p. 13 “Doctor who warned of virus exonerated” – by Chinese authorities

p. 15’s letters are almost all about the virus and the paper calls on people to express their appreciation to NHS workers


The coronavirus coverage  today is mainly about the financial and social impact and an article about its spread in Africa.


p. 4 “Six patients in city’s hospitals with Covid 19”

 p. 10 “Surgery must stay in special measures” – Westcotes, where the manager warned of GPs being driven out of the NHS

 letter by Suresh Chauhan ‘Does NHS know what it is doing?


p. 12 NATIONAL “Non-emergency surgery cancelled”


Pages 2, 3  and 12 about the virus, parents demanding school closure and measures shops are taking and latest government advice (p. 12)

p. 10 “’Prehab’ project for cancer patients”

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “New link to dementia” – inflammation in the brain a risk in various forms of dementi


p. 1 has the headlines:

First death confirmed at city infirmary”

Hospitals restricting visitor numbers”

Shops shut, flights cancelled, events off”

Sporting calendar all but wiped out”


Details on pages 1, 6, 7, 12 (latest government prognosis), and letters on 15. One of these is NHS and to the point:

Tom Barker under “Crisis shows how NHS needs proper support”

p. 12 NATIONAL “HIV drug rolled out”

p. 20 full-page NHS advert to find trainee nurses