32) 16/10/19 – 28/10/19


p. 15 a letter by Jill Headley under “Hour-long queue for hospital parking space”



p. 27 “Study asks public views to help NHS cut spending” –


 p. 7 “Talks held on future of health care” – East Leics. And Rutland


***p. 16 “” – Hospital Close, built early 80s, estimated £30,000 per home for repairs and renovation. In ‘dreadful condition’, ‘ashamed we allowed it to deteriorate to that level’ (Darryn Kerr, NHS estates and facilities)



p. 9 “Nurse and family flats for LRI set to go ahead” – block of 159 “flats”, in spite of objections because half of them will be 25 sq.m, i.e. less than 16 ½ sq.feet and the “family flats” not much bigger




p. 11 “We are dealing with stab wounds every day, say staff at infirmary A&E” – there used to be two police officers stationed there and staff hope for their return

 p. 18 “Council loan offered to see return of X-rays” – Hinckley

Leicestershire mental health nurse suspended after patient’s death



***Pages 4 & 5 “Patients will start seeing changes in 2021. But we need to be a functioning hospital – it is the equivalent o redesigning a plane while flying it” – John Adler


p. 28 “Disease linked to ‘stress spiral’” – how psoriasis feeds on the stress it brings; patients should see their GP regularly


 p. 12 NATIONAL “Patients already hit by shortages” – a must-read about the effects of Brexit uncertainty on medicine supplies

p. 38 “pain-killer – the number of deaths caused by the painkiller fentanyl has risen tenfold since 1998” –

PS if you missed it tonight please watch on catch up tonight’s Channel 4 Dispatches Trump’s plan for the NHS. Blood curdling info on how USA drug firms are lobbying to get into the NHS ‘market’. And predictions of drugs bill increase if this happened.


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