33) 30/9/19 – 12/10/19

October 12th

p. 24 “Nearly half of city patients not tried for dental appointment in years as NHS branded ‘broken’” – about people being put off NHS dental care



p. 18 “Hospital’s bid to recruit more staff” – Hinckley and Bosworth Community Hospital


p. 2 “Revamped ward now open again” – Melton Hospital

Pages 8 and 9 are about stillbirth – reduced by more than half in last ten years and more sensitive care for parents

p. 26 Jon Ashworth IN THE HOUSE:

          “Labour will give physical and mental health services parity” and

          “MP backs campaign to get youngsters drinking milk” World School Milk Day



p. 27 “GP urging women to learn heart attack signs” – backing BHF’s call for better understanding of symptoms in women



p. 5 “Spinal surgery gives Millie a new lease of life” – can now walk after crowdfunded op not available on NHS


p. 15 “Let’s pull together to improve access to LRI” – a must-read about building plans for and access to LRI



p. 9 “The heartbreaking scenario which NHS chiefs say won’t be repeated when city has children’s hospital” – of mothers and newborns being on different sites


30th September

Pages 1, 4 and 5 “£450m boost for hospitals”, with subtitles “New maternity and children’s hospitals planned” and “Reaction: Proposals welcomed but met with caution by politicians and health campaigners”


What health campaigner say about Leicester hospitals £450 million injection