37) 27/8/19 – 7/9/19

27th August

p. 7 “Charity closes with £1m gift to new city children’s hospital”, subtitled “Boost from society that is set to close after 116 years” – Leicester & County Convalescent Home Society


28th August

: “Give your views about healthcare”  – Leicester City CCG public meeting, 10th Sep. At VAL(Voluntary Action Leicester)

p. 11 “Heart nurses are needed for children’s unit”, subtitled “Specialist services are on move to the Infirmary


29th August

Pages 1, 4 and 5 “NHS ordeal has made us happy we’re near the end of our lives’” and “We lived when there was no NHS, we saw it introduced and now we’ve seen it deteriorate”


p. 16 “Walking sports festival promotes health” – Leicester Changing Diabetes


30th August

Pages 1 and 4 “Concerns as mums-to-be wait hours to see medic” and “Maternity unit told to improve by inspectors”, subtitled “Long waits and lack of consultant cover found – hospital says the issues are being addressed” – LRI


p. 15 a letter by Tom Barker under “Who’s really putting NHS under strain?”

2nd September

. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Cancer case delays”

3rd September 

p. 6 “NHS health checks for over-40s poised to be replaced”

4th September

p. 9 “Just what the doctor ordered for villagers” – results of patient survey about satisfaction with GPs


6th September

p. 11 “Sam backing hospital appeal” – Sam Bailey for Children’s Hospital, PLANNED to be part-financed be £7.5m public appeal


7th September

p. 23 “£900,000 a year to improve mental health services” – successful bid


Mother found she had bowel cancer when going to donate blood