46) 28/02/19 – 23/03/19


p. 9 “Fears over lack of hospital beds to cope with growing ageing population” – voiced by Patients’ Panel and Save Our NHS


p. 16 “£300,000 to cut waits for child mental health services” – LPNT


Man mistakenly circumcised and wrong patient operated on among errors in Leicester Hospitals


p. 26 “Ward staff go walking for the benefit of patients” – Bradgate Unit staff for therapeutic activities under LPNT charity Raising Health



p. 22 “It’s all working out as patients benefit from new health unit gym” – at the Bradgate Unit

 p. 25 “Women urged to get test” – smear test campaign


Man in charge of Leicestershire mental health services ‘personally sorry for failings'(Peter Miller LPT)




p. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Psychosis drug link” – skunk

 p. 25 “Researchers hope to find treatments for a killer” – sepsis, UL, BHF-funded


 p. 5 “NHS trust sorry for error that delayed vital op” – discharged with fallopian pregnancy diagnosis



p. 8 “Strong smell of urine and stained carpets at home” – Chartwell Care Services; a home for five people with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour; generally v. Poor standards found


7th March

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Less NHS happiness”

 p. 27 “Women team up to beat diabetes” – preventive activities; Leicester Changing Diabetes, a partnership involving Leicester Diabetes Centre

 6th March

p. 24 “Therapy service helps young heart patients” – to prevent developmental delay

p. 24 “MP calls on Asians to be blood donors” – Jon Ashworth


4th March

p. 5 “Hospitals’ £60m bill for clinical negligence” – over 5 years


Five Leicestershire care homes and providers have been told to improve in one month



2nd March

p. 21 “Researchers find genetic links to lung disease risk”, subtitled “Work could lead to new treatments for a killer” – COPD, Leicester and Nottingham universities

 p. 26 “Guide has positive approach to health” – the Yellow Book.

1st March

p. 7 “I could have died because of surgery delays” Johnsons Medical Practice Hilltop Surgery, Maidenwell Avenue; long tale of blunders in case of pulmonary embolism after surgery


 p. 30 “Saturday drop-in to do cervical screening” – to boost uptake, at General and LRI


28th February

p. 18 “’Thousands risking asthma attacks due to prescription costs’” – rationing their medication


 Pages 4 and 5 “NHS trust extensively criticised in report by inspectors”, subtitled “Leadership failures and long waits were among the problems identified, but caring staff were praised” – special criticism of mental health care, Report is ALL on the Mental health Services provided by Leicestershire Partnership Trust.