49) 14/1/19 -26/1/19



On p. 15 today there’s an answer letter by John Sinnot, county council, under “References to council in NHS letter were wrong”

to the 22nd  Jan letter by Suresh Chauhan on the subject of STP/Better Care Leicestershire and Rutland.


NATIONAL, brief: “Alzheimer’s cause” – a germ causing gum disease and artery damage


p. 26 “Training in hospitals is top quality” – apprenticeships at Leicester’s hospitals


Concern over GP practice” – Saffron Health, both sites lots of safety issues


p. 17 “Increase in ‘Victorian diseases’ reported”, subtitled “Illnesses such as gout, rickets are linked to malnutrition”


p. 22 “Trials may lead to new asthma treatments” – new big and expensive study in Leicester



Norovirus outbreak confirmed at Leicester Royal Infirmary



“’System is failing dying dad trying to go home’” – 3-weeks lack of care arrangements for life-long NHS worker

 NATIONAL, brief ”Cancer-gene link” – predicting the likelihood of breast cancer relapse in woman taking certain hormone therapy

NATIONAL, brief: “Botox health checks” – Superdrug will screen for mental health issues before Botox treatments


p. 16 “Health scrutiny role filled” – John Wood new chairman of LLR PPPG (Alliance)

Watchdog gets new chairman” -Dr Janet Underwood, Healthwatch Rutland


p. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Diabetes test hope” – new test developed to screen babies for risk

NATIONAL, brief: “Dangers of disorder” – haemochromatosis, new risks found

 p. 20 “Mum’s plea for stem cell donors” – esp. to black and Asian potential donors

p. 22 “NHS, council and hospice join forces on recruitment” –  covering Leics. and Rutland and involving Loros for variety of nursing and other jobs

 “999 crew on way to cardiac arrest child delayed by woman who made 200 hoax calls” – learning disability and mental health issues

p. 22 NATIONAL, brief: “Scheme helps NHS” – Homefirst programme running since Sept. 2017 in Somerset