52) 24/12/18 – 05/1/19

5th January

Anxiety patient numbers soaring”, subtitled “More than 9,000 treated at city’s hospitals” – compared with 2,595 in 2010/11


The shocking number of people drinking themselves to death in the East midlands



Lack of staff training’ led to death of vulnerable woman, 20”, subtitled “’A shaming condemnation of Trust’” – Bradgate Unit


 p. 14 “140 ambulances set to join Emas fleet before end of March”, subtitled “Investment will include 280 more clinical staff” – £8.7m (SOURCE OF MONEY NOT STATED)


Desperate plea for help as mum has to lock daughters away from violent, mentally ill son”, subtitled “Family claims it has been let down by children’s health services” –



NHS staff were safer at work during 2017-18”, subtitled “Number of assaults fell – but latest figures show trend is not continuing”

 p. 28 NATIONAL, brief: “Cancer breathalyser” – being trialled for early detection


 “Wrong choices causing so many early deaths in city”A, subtitled “Higher than average mortality linked to smoking, drinking and obesity” – CCGs


p. 11 “600 youngsters need help”, subtitled “Children waiting to see mental health experts” – on a waiting list for first appointments


Hospitals rake in £4.4m in a year from car parking”, subtitled “Fees are slammed as ‘a tax on the sick’ by city MP” – Jon Ashworth  

28th December

NATIONAL: “Hancock: New tech on the way for GPs”

Concerns at increase of patients with mental health problems due to drink or drug issues”, subtitled “Figures rising in our NHS area while falling across England


Urgent care centre picked”, subtitled “Medics will be based in leisure centre from April” – Enderby, local people chose Enderby Leisure Centre over Glenfield Surgery

 p. 27 “Elderly patient hit by change in policy” – TASL doing hospital transport, but now no longer for 92-year-old because he still drives, but only in his own locality in Loughborough


p. 33 a letter by David Fish under “Keep up the scrutiny of NHS – and listen to it”



Lowest-paid at city hospitals ‘still not received overtime, and shift payments’” (the comma is theirs), subtitled “Security guards, porters, ancillary staff said to have been left short at Christmas” – claims that money for months back is owed