55) 12/11/18 -17/11/18


Celebration of carers’ work”, subtitled “Event highlights role in helping those with mental illness or learning disabilities” – Leicestershire Partnership Trust event

p. 36, NATIONAL, brief: “Harry’s HIV test call” – to combat hidden HIV

Meditation for PTSD” – shown to be effective


Mum’s payout after claim 999 delays led to death of baby” – EMAS, 2014 incident

pp 18 & 19 “Hospital staff failed to notice patient had died”, subtitled “Catalogue of problems listed by auditors who studied the quality of care across the NHS, concerns of reports of poor care for those at end of life”

 p. 20 “Why do more folk die on a Monday?”, subtitled “Report refers to patients in hospital or just discharged” – more of same audit