83) 03/03/18 – 10/03/18

Merc March 3-10


Give up day’s holiday and get 6.5% pay rise NHS staff told


It is claimed the £3.3bn deal is spread over three years but Labour said it doesn’t match inflation


 “Care failings over death of prisoner on suicide watch”, subtitled “Mental Health team’s ‘neglect’ contributed to tragedy, says coroner” – NHS/LPT- provided services(November 2016)


He had a history of depression brought on in part by the death of his daughter


Concern at scale of called-off surgery”, subtitled “Reaction: ‘Lives at risk as we don’t have staff and beds at hospitals’”



Cancelled ops cost city hospitals £10m in month”, “Charity boss’s heart op delayed three times”, “NHS Trust admits treatment targets are unachievable, with surgery for 67 cancer patients postponed and 971  ops called off in January” and more


Most postponements due to shortages in beds needed for recovering patients



He says he ‘wonders if service is safe in Government hands’

**Leicester operation postponements ‘alarming’, says (Leic mercury) patients’ panel includes Sally Ruane comments


The panel is demanding answers from University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust