84) 26/2/18 – 3/3/18

3rd March

 p. 11 “’Diabetes tsunami may bankrupt NHS’”, subtitled “City MP wants more done on prevention and treatment of disease” – Keith Vaz


The Leicester East MP has spoken out after new figures showed a huge increases in cases

p. 14 “Flu vaccine a ‘success’”, subtitled “55,000 children across the county given nasal treatment”

 p. 20 a letter by Ann Mawby under “NHS not broken – just overcrowded” – with patients

 p. 22 “Scheme helps prostate patients”, subtitled “Otion to have follow-up checks with local GP rather than at hospital”

 p. 30 “NHS in plea as big freeze runs down blood stocks”, subtitled “Donors urged to help make up shortfall caused by wintry conditions”

2nd March

Surge in city diabetes cases”, subtitled “Government urged to take more action to tackle childhood obesity”

1st March

etter by Ann Levesley under “Case was tragedy for all involved” – a must-read on the Jack Adcock case and inhumane pressure on staff

 p. 19 a letter by Christine Tebbbutt under “Hospital needs to clean up its act” – dirty toilets on ward

28th February

NATIONAL “Public’s GP doubts ( make sure you read the last paragraph John Appleby)”https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/924857/NHS-crisis-public-satisfaction-GP-services-drops-lowest-level-since-1980s

NHS launch campaign to highlight importance of pharmacists


27th February

NATONAL “Turned away girl died” – asthma, not seen as urgent case by GP for being a few minutes late


A five-year-old girl with life-threatening asthma died after being turned away from an emergency doctor’s appointment because she was late, an inquest heard.


26th February

Hospital let my injured, mentally-ill dad fend for himself in a strange city”, subtitled “I blame Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May, sys councillor” – QMC Nottingham; all family warnings and demands to be informed ignored