57) 19/10/18 – 3/11/18


in the House, Jon Ashworth under  “Government is failing on cancer care”

p. 25 an advert for Nuffield Health under “Expert help with Ear, Nose and Throat. Skip the waiting list and get faster treatment for your little ones” – obviously exploiting NHS weaknesses.



 “Experts’ £100k boost for breast cancer fight” – De Mont and Univ. of Nottingham, research into detecting early markers in blood and bodily fluids


 “Diabetes patients ‘lose out in postcode lottery’” – the three Leics. CCGs failing to allow prescription of the Freestyle Libre blood sugar monitor for type 1 diabetics


BBC East Midlands Today, October 30, 2018 – featuring Steve Score – chair of Save Our NHS Leicestershire http://saveournhsleicestershire.org/2018/10/28/list-…



NATIONAL, brief: “Child ops cancelled” – 18,647 last year nationally



5,900 blood donors are needed at new centre” – new donors, esp. of Asian and black ethnicities

p. 32 “Patients urged to share records”, subtitled “Consent is needed to access detailed health information”

 p. 47 a long letter by Suresh Chauhan under “Hospitals shake-up has hidden agenda” – about the plans for the General and urging people to join the campaign



* I must speak out now before a patient dies”, subtitled “District nurse reveals pressure on service” -LPNHS nurse on LPT and county community health services 

Rushed appointments, 14 hour shifts and no lunch or toilet breaks are becoming the norm for community health workers across the county, according to one district nurse. The woman said she felt she …



2,000 join protest over ICU beds at General – covers petition and meetings

Leicester General Hospital. In response to the concerns people have raised about the absence of a consultation over the plan, the board said it would use events this month and next to “engage in a …



* “Concern at squeezing nurses into small flats” – SMMS Investments planning accommodation block near LRI with 175 flats of 25 square metres each, the governments national minimum standard being 37

An image of the proposed nurses’ flats in Jarrom Street “It is easy for us to express our support for NHS workers and nursing staff but we have to back up those words with our actual powers.”




 “City players’ £60,000 donation is a life-saver” – new medical equipment for children’s intensive care