62) 17/8/18 – 25/8/18


a letter by Madeline Dodd under “Thanks to NHS heroes for changing my life” – the General, orthopaedic

Pages 6 and 7 “NHS trust accused over plan to move intensive care beds”, subtitled “Campaigners angry about transfer of ‘vital’ services from Leicester General” – –

Campaigners say patients should be spoken to before £31m plans get underway


p. 17 “Hospital offering extra cash to attract nurses” – St. Luke’s, Market Harborough



ONLINE ARTICLE not in the paper Mercury but worth reading.

“Could you, with a conscience carry on?” … ‘Why I quit’: Nurse leaving NHS lays bare state of the health service “Could you, with a conscience carry on?”



p. 11 “1,600 extra lives saved” – nationally via major trauma units policy

The NHS in England has saved an additional 1,600 patients with severe injuries since major trauma centres were established in 2012. New findings show the creation of major traumas centres has led to the survival of more than 1,600 patients who have suffered some of the most severe and complicated …



p. 13 “Promising trials for new way of treating depression” – brain training, supported by MRI monitoring

 p. 19 “Views sought on policies for non-emergency ops” – three “events”, paper- and on-line survey

 p. 42 NATIONAL, main article: “Diabetes behind surge in strokes” – and heart attacks



pages 8 and 9 “’There’s no telling…” – a child getting rare treatment which may soon be banned by NICE for life-shortening condition

 p. 14 “Report highlights vital role of NHS’s major trauma centres” – UL involved in research

 p. 22 “New study highlights exercise benefits for kidney patients” – Leicester study

 p. 24 NATIONAL, brief: “Infant death rise” – SIDS



p. 8 “Report into NHS deaths finds cases of poor care” – end-of-life and frail-elderly care



p. 31 a letter by Suresh Chauhan under “NHS will never be safe under Tory government”