65) 16/7/18 – 21/7/18


Campaigners believe move is part of wider UHL plan to close down site as an acute hospital :: UHL says it will improve efficiency


Digital service helps heart failure patients”, subtitled “Clinicians able to monitor health remotely”

 p. 25 (World ) “Health hack” – politically motivated, breached records on 1.5m people in public health system


Weak’ services for disabled highlighted, subtitled “Watchdog criticise provision for special needs youngsters” – bot city council and CCG


Looking before flushing could save life” – new awareness campaign for blood in urine/kidney and bladder cancers

 NATIONAL: “Stillbirth figures fall” – to lowest ever 

p. 35 NATIONAL “’Give boys HPV jab’” advice to health minister (it could practically eradicate HPV  and all STDs should be treated in partners too, or vaccinated against in both sexes)

 pages 20 and 21 “Peter’s still going strong, 40 years after kidney transplant in 1978, ending several years of dialysis1


 article by Amy Orton under “Do you know your ‘biosimilar switches’ from your CQUIN expectations?” ..

 “It’s the middle of summer, but fears of an NHS winter crisis are already forming”, subtitled “Plans criticised as being too reactive, not preventative” – Health and Wellbeing board meeting

p. 12 “Over-use of jargon is leaving councillor and public bit baffled”, subtitled “Call for plain English to be used in future NHS reports” – Sarah Russell making important points


GP re-elected to key health service role” – Mayur Lakhani

Across the country cancer is the medical condition which claims more lives than any other – but in Leicester circulatory diseases kill more people than any other condition. Newly-released data from Public Health England has revealed that, of 2,505 deaths registered, 688 people died from the disease …