72) 28/5/18 – 2/6/18

June 1st

 NATIONAL “Ovarian cancer pill” – NICE approval for use on advanced cance

New early cancer tests

It can diagnose cancer years earlier than current screening methods


May 31st

Acute assessment ward will improve care for the elderly” – new ward at LRI A&E

 p. 24 NATIONAL “Doctors moving on” – number of GPs leaving profession at “all-time-high”


May 30th

Hospital sold for £1.3m” – Market Harborough Cottage Hospital, proceeds to go to NHS

The former Market Harborough District Hospital has been sold to a care home company for £1.35million. The former hospital in Coventry Road, also known as the Cottage Hospital, is to be converted into a care home after being sold to Sterling Rose Care by NHS Property Services. Clinical services …

p. 25 a letter by Javed Khan, Barnado’s, under “Suffering children can’t wait five years” – for access to mental health support

May 29th

Pages 1, 4 and 5 all about one child under “Our Henry would not be alive if it wasn’t for the heart unit”, “’We want to provide a quality service for children, where they can walk through the door knowing they are being treated in a place just for them’” etc

Staff, experts and families spent years campaigning against its closure


May 28th

MP sees work of hospital cancer support team” – Liz Kendall

Number of GPs opting to work in deprived areas is falling, despite £20k ‘golden hellos’