68) 18/6/18 – 30/6/18


Doctors want to charge a fiver for you to see them under new proposals (this is not a local story)

Other doctors across the country are also being asked to rally around the plans

Diabetes study has turned my life around’” – Leicester Diabetes Centre, ongoing study

 p. 25 In the House Jon Ashworth under “Thank you to all who ensure NHS still our biggest achievement”

 p. 26 “Protesters on way to London to defend NHS”

 p. 37 “Improving care for city’s older patients”, subtitled “Hospitals making changes”



 “Police face ‘daily’ waits for ambulances to come”, subtitled “Officers often take patients to hospital”

 p. 19 “Jack case fallout continues”, subtitled “Medical groups clash over circumstances leading to six-year-old’s death


Open day to recruit nurses for centre” – for Evington Centre, at the General


City hospitals upheld more complaints than any other trust in UK”, subtitled “An average of three a day” – this is simply in numbers, it was also busier than some others and most complaints are not about medical matters

University Hospitals of Leicester had more justified complaints last year than any other trust in the country. The trust dealt with 1,161 written complaints in the financial year 2017/18, new NHS figures have revealed. Of those, 1,115 were upheld and a further 23 partially upheld, according to the …

p. 37 a long letter by Steve Score under “Join the campaign to protect our NHS”, inviting people to join demo in London, together with an eye-catching picture of the Glenfield campaign


  NATIONAL “Leading doctors back e-cigarettes”


Plans for £8m unit to help children with eating disorders”, subtitled “15-bed inpatient city site proposed for mental health care”   


** “Children’s heart centre will move to royal infirmary”, subtitled “But confusion over new location of maternity and gynaecology services”

 Confirmed: Children’s heart centre will move to Leicester …Health bosses have confirmed that the children’s East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre will move to the Kensington building at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. The move is part of a long term plan that will see the building, which is currently home to women’s services, transformed into a stand …

letter by Suresh Chauhan under title  “Promised funding all smoke and mirrors


p. 38 NATIONAL “Hospital ‘had a disregard for life’” – Gosport


The day my daughter’s heart failed” – incl. a lot about Glenfield children’s heart centre


p. 22 NATIONAL “Rethink on use of medicinal cannabis” and

 NHS post ‘madness’” – letters as against electronic communication


p. 25 a letter by WT Quinton under “New facilities no use if old methods are used” – Bradgate and the alleged use of detrimental drugs, one in particular, when better, though slightly more expensive alternatives are available


NATIONAL “Taxes ‘will pay £20bn NHS bill” – Theresa May

Elderly woman who fell in street waited two hours for ambulance” – 86-year-old, caller kept being told it was not a priority


***p. 15 “Policy U-turn plea on long-term care”, subtitled “Some patients won’t be able to live at home, argue campaigners” – Leicester Mercury Patients’ Panel demanding change in ELR CCG policy

Do you dread heading to the tills knowing that the stands of sweets and treats are bound to end with whining from your kids. ‘Pester power’ is a real thing – it’s why so many stores stack their checkouts with chocolate bars and packs of sweeties. And it could lead to a ban on stores placing …