74) 30/4/18 – 5/5/18


Birth centre underused” – St. Mary’s Melton – a very short article just mentioning the review of maternity services – IMG_0277 (1)


Nurse shocked to get parking ticket at patient’s home” – which Leicestershire County Council won’t rescind; there is the question of badges for community nurses, which at present don’t exist

p. 18 “Centre’s royal seal of approval” – official opening of Kibworth Medical Centre

 p. 42 NATIONAL “Victims want answers” – the breast screening mess

 p. 45 a long, well thought-out letter by Ms Pat Middleton under “Hospital staff deserve nothing but praise” – setting out many of the problems staff face


**Staff levels ‘biggest risk’ NHS mental health care is facing”, subtitled “I am concerned about vacancies, says trust chief” (report to County Council on CQC report)

‘Workforce is a major issue, recruitment is an issue, retaining staff is a bigger issue’

p. 30 NATIONAL “Breast scan error ‘cut lives of 270’”



GPs expanding with opening of branch surgery” – Kingsway Surgery, Braunstone Town, setting up branch in Thorpe Astley community centre, initially twice weekly surgeries


30th April

NATIONAL “High nurse vacancies  – specialist cancer nurses 

p. 26 “Garden plan to aid dementia patients”, subtitled “£18,000 target to make NHS project bloom” – a garden each for male and female ward, Evington Centre at the General

As you may already know, the NHS was “born” on July 5 th 1948. That makes it 70 this year! To mark the event Leicester Hospitals are holding a large public “Tea Party” event at Devonshire Place, 78 London Road, Leicester, LE2 0RA.