75) 23/4/18 – 28/4/18




Concerns over childhood obesity” – Loughborough worst in county

“The local authorities and council need to step in and help these families.”

p. 7 “Advice for patients after surgery’s closure” – 600 patients still on Belgrave Surgery’s list as closure date approaches

 p. 19 a letter, no name, under “Nation in decline”, mentioning NHS cuts and attacking Philip Hammond



Show of support for Alfie” – local support for parents in right-to-withdraw-life-support case


p. 10 “Mum: I want my sick boy to get ‘wonder’ drug on NHS”, subtitled “Hopes rise after ministers’ plea” – Vertex, £100,000 p.a., for child with cystic fibrosis

April Raynor, from Thornton, says the drug could save the life of her six-year-old son Elliott

p. 19 a letter by Tom Barker, for Save Our NHS Leicestershire, under “Join fight against latest NHS cuts”

MP under fire over question to the PM”, subtitled “May asked about homeopathy” – David Tredinnik accused of using PM’s Questions to raise “blindingly irrelevant” issues (vet’s use of homeopathy, which he also wants to be used in the NHS) instead of more important issues

He could have used the opportunity to ask about anything



 two articles asking for volunteers as “Dementia friends” (Jon Ashworth) or for helping with Defeat Dementia Day


**Cancer targets being missed

National guidelines say people should wait no more than two months


national  – Homes of elderly should be used to fund social care, NHS head says