78) 2/04/18 – 7/04/18


Hospital data policies weak”, subtitled “Criticisms in report revealed by campaigner’s court case” – UHNT has asked the ICO not to publish its critical findings

p. 19 a letter, no name, under “LRI ills repeated” – unhygienic conditions



NHS could face massive payout over baby”, subtitled “’Catastrophic’ tumour should have been spotted, writ claims” – on p. 7 under “Grieving dad seeks payout”, subtitled “He claims health visitor failed to spot danger of brain damage to boy”

A father is seeking compensation for his son’s catastrophic brain damage which the family has blamed, in a High Court writ, on the actions of a health visitor. Hafiz Mohammed claims in the writ, which was issued at the court in London and has just been made publicly available, that a health visitor …

p. 10 “Inspection team highlight failings at health centre”, subtitled “Criticisms lead to a rating of ‘inadequate” – Thurmaston

 p. 10 “More training places made available for doctors”

 p. 11 “’Let my son have this drug”, subtitled “Mother calls for deal to help her young child battle cystic fibrosis” – Orkambi, not NICE approved in spite of proven efficacy and routine use in other countries    

The mother of a little boy with cystic fibrosis is fighting to get a “life-changing” drug made available on the NHS. April Raynor, from Thornton, wants the drug Orkambi to be added to the health service’s prescribing list to help save her son. Elliott, six, was diagnosed with the debilitating …


p. 16 NATIONAL: “Cancer ops cancelled” -hundreds of them nationally


p. 19 a letter by Jane Hill under “Messed about and penalised” – about flaw in LRI appointment service”

 p. 19 a letter by Rob Behrens, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman under “Stand up for your healthcare rights”

NATIONAL “NHS crisis not over”  https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/apr/06/nhs-failure-health-service