88) 29/1/18 – 3/2/18

3rd Feb
Doctors protest after trainee paediatrician struck off after death of Jack age 6.

NATIONAL “NHS workers’ march” –Saturday in London

p. 20 a letter by Suresh Chauhan under “Tories fund the rich, not the NHS”

p. 32 IN THE HOUSE, Liz Kendall under “How Braunstone Blues help to ease the pressure on NHS” –

p. 36 “Roadshow to offer tips on healthy diets to cut obesity – Change4Life, PHE

(Daily) Mirror article in the Mercury! Survey shows people willing to pay more for NHS

2nd Feb
“Don’t hide health issues – find the help you need”, subtitled “Double cancer survivor’s appeal” – NHS East Leics. And Rutland with survivor, drive to increase early diagnosis

30th Jan
Patients at risk after decision to strike off Jack doctor’”, subtitled “Protest letter claims punishment was too severe” – signed by about 7,500 doctors, also crowd-funding to cover Dr Bawa-Garba’s legal costs

p. 12 “Campaigners make point about state of NHS” – this was CANP at the clocktower MondayJan-30-12-18-2018merc pic

p. 16 NATIONAL “Judge backs doctors” – about withholding life-support from brain-damaged 11-month-old

29th Jan
Missing’ brain among cases at mortuaries”, subtitled “Body parts also damaged in 11 serious incidents at county hospitals” – FOI request

p. 14 “Pharmacists can get extra skills at uni”, subtitled “Masters-level training set up using funding from the NHS”

p. 20 “Be open about mental health”, subtitled “Event encourages conversation”

p. 22 “’Three in one’ clinic aims to speed up care”, subtitled “Try out will boost bowel patients”

Teen shouted racist abuse at A&E doctor” –
he had to spend three days in A&E with a crushed finger

p. 26 “’Give blood to help cancer patients’ plea” subtitled “Keep appointments, donors told”