82) 12/3/18/ – 17/3/18


long, detailed letter by Steve Oversby, of Barnado’s under “Child mental health is priority


NATIONAL: ”NHS chief labels call” -he calls for tougher food labelling re. sugar and calories


The head of NHS England has called on the Government to introduce tougher food labelling post-Brexit in a bid to tackle the UK’s growing obesity crisis. Speaking at …

p. 32 “Volunteers’ £285k boost”, subtitled “Prfits from hospitals’ shops and cafes given back to NHS charity”


The money is an accumulation of the profits taken from the six cafés and shops which the charity runs at the Leicester Royal Infirmary and Leicester General Hospitals.


Why our hospitals need to get better”, subtitled “Health regulator’s latest report on services” – verdict: ‘requires improvement overall’


The report found that action to address “long waiting times, delays or cancellations” had not been effective.

  p. 13 “Diabetes sufferers ‘get best support’” – better than elsewhere in UK