93) 1/1/18 – 31/1/18

30th Jan
Patients at risk after decision to strike off Jack doctor’”, subtitled “Protest letter claims punishment was too severe” – signed by about 7,500 doctors, also crowd-funding to cover Dr Bawa-Garba’s legal costs

p. 12 “Campaigners make point about state of NHS” – this was CANP at the clocktower MondayJan-30-12-18-2018merc pic

p. 16 NATIONAL “Judge backs doctors” – about withholding life-support from brain-damaged 11-month-old

29th Jan
Missing’ brain among cases at mortuaries”, subtitled “Body parts also damaged in 11 serious incidents at county hospitals” – FOI request

p. 14 “Pharmacists can get extra skills at uni”, subtitled “Masters-level training set up using funding from the NHS”

p. 20 “Be open about mental health”, subtitled “Event encourages conversation”

p. 22 “’Three in one’ clinic aims to speed up care”, subtitled “Try out will boost bowel patients”

Teen shouted racist abuse at A&E doctor” –
he had to spend three days in A&E with a crushed finger

p. 26 “’Give blood to help cancer patients’ plea” subtitled “Keep appointments, donors told”


“Ex-hospital to be sold” – Market Harborough’s decommissioned District Hospital

p. 26 “Diabetes expert is honoured” – Prof Melanie Davies by NHS

Full GMC statement over striking off Jack Adcock doctor
‘This has been a tragic case; a family has lost their son in terrible circumstances and a doctor has lost her career’“Justice for Jack” etc. – the Jack Adcock/Dr Bawa-Garba case – family celebrations,

p. 8 “**Meeting will discuss state of the NHS” – tomorrow’s meeting at Secular Hall

p. 16 NATIONAL “Plea to keep nurses” – more should be done to retain them

Why I will be homeless in city for a week” – this includes something about a need for NHS outreach to rough sleepers

p. 14 “Mental health services showing progress, but ‘still have to improve’” – CCG inspections

p. 19 two letters, one by Suleman Nagdi, the other’s author anonymous, under “Reasons to be grateful for NHS – Or not”

p. 20 “Senior medic calls for political unity over NHS funding” – Dr Peter Holden

letter by Adam Krupa under “Give to the NHS, don’t take from it”

Scheme will try to tackle number of suicides in Leicestershire – Around 60 people a year kill themselves in Leicestershire

Recovery plan developed to tackle ‘inadequate’ patient transport services in Leicester and Leicestershire (Thames patient transport)

**Why I quit;nurse lays bare state of the NHS – Nurse explains why she’s leaving NHS in brutally honest letter -“Could you, with a conscience carry on?”

“Mum’s agony over mystery disability of her daughter” – three-year-old, there may be future questions over pregnancy and perinatal care

p. 16 NATIONAL “Women’s smear fear” – young women too embarrassed to go for test

p. 7 “Fraught first month for NHS patient transporters”, subtitled “Report highlights service’s early failings as patients brand it ‘farcical’” – Thames Ambulance Service

p. 23 “New NHS service will provide care closer to home” – new vascular service at St. Luke’s, Market Harborough

NATIONAL “Tory claims over NHS funds ‘fake’” – tory claims
p. 19 a letter, no name, under “Internal chaos to blame at hospital” – blaming the lack of leadership and funding letter anon
p. 19 a letter by Tom Barker, Leicester Socialist Party, under “People power can save the NHS”

letter people

p. 22 “Mental health services receive £300,000 boost”, subtitled “Dedicated ambulance provided using Government cash”

p. 16 NATIONAL “GP workload worries”

p. 22 “Hospitals forge links with China” – for research, training and education

“Scarlet fever cases at seven-year high” – illness now no longer as virulent as it used to be


“Z200 cases for city treatment centre over festive and new year period”, subtitled “Bid to reduce alcohol-related violence” – joined venture by police and Emas, putting temporary treatment centre in ambulance parked near Clock Tower


Record number people wating for more than 4 hours for treatment at A&E – They’re worse than the national figure http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/record-number-people-waiting-more-1045562

NATIONAL “NHS crisis now worst on record”

Pages 14 and 15 “A landmark moment for two wards” – refurbishment of Evington Centre NHS dementia wards, incl. Big murals of Leicester landmarks

£250,000 dementia wards upgrade starts @LPTnhs


p. 4 “£4m raised by parking fees at city hospitals”, subtitled “MP Jon Ashworth calls for ‘tax on the sick’ to be abolished”

“Human face of crisis in our NHS”, “’Ticking timebomb’ fears for patients” and various subtitles, 2 cases of delayed ops, incl. One of bladder removal for cancer, twice postponed

p. 13 “Health alert after Aussie flu bug cases are reported” – severe H3N2 strain

p. 19 a letter, anonymous, under “NHS bureaucratic mess is key issue”

Academic aids survey on births” – Dr Tina Harris, De Mont, 700,000 births survey to identify good practice and improve outcomes

p. 20 “Nursing chief to quit Trust for Qatar job”, subtitled “New candidates sought for £140,000 health post

p. 5 “Dear Prime Minister,”, subtitled “Woman sends heartfelt open letter to Theresa May after night at LRI” – 3-hour wait inside ambulance with 84-year-old, 6-7 hour assessment waiting time last Tuesday night

Woman’s open letter to PM after dad waits 3 HOURS in ambulance

A video of 15 ambulances waiting outside the A&E department at the LRI has been viewed 22,000 times

p. 16 NATIONAL “Ambulance ‘too late’” – 81-year-old, who rang about chest pain, found dead by crew after almost four-hour wait

16 NATIONAL “PM sorry for NHS ‘difficult’ winter”

p. 8 “City surgery’s closure will leave 3,000 seeking a GP”, subtitled “Struggling service – rated as requiring improvement – to end in April” – Belgrave Surgery

p. 11 “Hundreds kept waiting in ambulances at A&E”, subtitled “Pressure at hospital sees delays in processing patients”

“Hospitals put back 300 ops”, subtitled “Highest pressure level declared”

p. 16 NATIONAL “Hunt ‘sorry’ over winter op delays”

p. 5 “Big rise in admissions forces city hospitals to cancel non-urgent ops”

p. 10 “’Help to give her longer with her little boy’” – appeal for cash for proton beam therapy to treat rare brain tumour; I include this because of the question over what the NHS should provide