98) 01/8/17 – 31/8/17

Teenager had twice tried to take his life”, subtitled “Schoolboy suffered from severe anxiety and depression, inquest told – question of failure to hospitalise (continued from yesterday)

p. 8 “New doctors (at UHL hospitals) in shock at being left underpaid”, subtitled “Health chiefs start investigation”- non-payment as well as massive underpayment
“More doctors on overnights to help targets”, subtitles ‘September surge’ plan from tomorrow in a bid to cut waiting times” – Leixester Royal Infirmary Emergency Department

“’Our son would still be alive if he had been hospitalised’”, subtitled “Teenager with extreme social anxiety was found hanged” – family had asked for hospitalisation

p. 19 “ GP surgery put in special measures”, subtitled “Inspectors concerned about patient safety” – The Surgery, Ashby


There was no online version of the Leicester Mercury article that announced a possibly earlier than expected decision on the Children’s Congenital heart unit,

Heart centre verdict soon”, subtitled “Children’s surgery unit could go”
I promised that I would update you when I had any significant news on the NHS England review of CHD services in England .

On Thursday last week I received a letter from John Stewart Acting Director of Specialised Commissioning, NHS England. In this letter he very helpfully reassured me that NHS England is committed to reaching a decision on its proposals for congenital heart disease services in England as soon as possible, and that he has instructed his team to do everything possible to bring a recommendation to the earliest possible NHS England Board meeting, which would be the 28th September 2017. This is extremely positive news and will go a long way in reducing the uncertainty that has previously hung over our service. He has said that meeting this timetable is dependent upon his team being able to collate all the information and assurance required for the Board to take final decisions, including thorough analysis of the 7000+ responses received to the public consultation.

In his letter John Stewart asked us to work closely with our regional commissioning colleagues to provide some more clarity on our growth plan, and more details of our plans to move the children’s heart service across to the main children’s hospital at the Royal Infirmary.

In order to facilitate this we had a helpful meeting with our regional commissioning colleagues on Monday and have subsequently provided them with some updated information about our compliance against all the standards, as is happening for all centres. I will be meeting John in early September, and between now and then we will be continuing the dialogue with our network colleagues to discuss more detail around the growth plan and how we can improve our current referral pathways to achieve the numbers we need.

We have had a strong response to our latest advertisement to fill the Consultant Surgeon post once Simone Speggiorin leaves, and interviews are taking place this week. It is a great indication of the respect our service commands that we have yet again had such a strong field of applicants, despite the uncertainty surrounding us. Simone leaves us at the end of August and I am sure you will join with me in thanking him again for his hard work and wishing him every success in his new role.
John Adler

letter by E Green under “Call off the clowns from GP surgeries “ – questioning the CQC’s decisions

article from Financial Times
Family doctors have been leaving the National Health Service at a rate of more than 400 a month, threatening the government’s pledge to ensure general practitioners can provide the public with a seven-day-a-week operation. A total of 5,159 GPs departed from the NHS in England between April 2016 and March 2017, according to NHS Digital, which collects health data. The figures emerged after the Financial Times revealed that recruitment agencies could be paid up to £100m by the NHS to find 5,000 GPs — about half of them from overseas — to fill worsening staffing gaps in England.

letter by Rodney Posnett under “We don’t need a new health centre” – aimed at Peter Soulsby’s new ideas for Eyres Monsell

p8 “Family of eye tumour boy need to raise £100k for operation”, subtitled “NHS cannot fund this treatment” – rhabdomyosarcoma, decision to deny funding to be reviewed on 13th Sept., but the operation cannot wait till then

p. 23 “GPs will care for 30,000”, subtitled “Private firm and doctors sign a five-year surgeries deal” – Spirit Healthcare to run four/five big health centres/surgeries

p. 34, In the House, Edward Argar under “We must confront the challenges of social care reform”

Ray getting ready to save lives” – volunteer blue light medic, working for Emas, seeking funding defibrillator with ECG, nothing provided by NHS/public funds

p. 15 a letter by Tony Underwood under “Disabled drivers need more help” – abut the LRI not having enough spaces reserved for disabled peopl

DIY HIV tests may soon be in the post”, subtitled “In a bid to save £800k, the city council wants to end clinics that deal with STIs, with people to order kits online, as Dan Martin reports” – not strictly NHS, this illustrates the pitfalls of divided responsibilities for health (and social) care

p. 7, part of the same article, “Mapping out higher rates of teenage pregnancy in city” – with map of rates in various parts

p. 20 “’Don’t delay over your flu jab’”, subtitled GPs’ campaign urges over 65s and condition sufferers to visit them” – and not the pharmacy, for medical reasons

*Be open on NHS changes’” –LM 23.8.17


6 “Mole scanning service ‘could mean delays in treatment”, subtitled “Skin cancer charity urges caution” – Boots offering private scanning service
LM 22.8.17p. 20 “Insurance bid to attract GPs”, subtitled “Medical negligence cover to boost out-of-hours take-up”- Aug-23-04-40-2017

Dementia wards get £250k upgrade”, subtitled “Improvements will create ‘brighter, more pleasant’ place”

p. 20 “Cancer care getting better for patients” subtitled “Survey reveals improvement in experiences of treatment, support

p. 26 “Bid to reduce diabetes risk”, subtitled “Focus on illness in pregnancy


9 “£25k needed for an op to help Frankie take his first steps” – selective dorsal rhyzotomy for boy with cerebral palsy, procedure not routinely available, but being reviewed by NHS, with questions of suitability in this case

*p. 11 “Excluded from cuts meeting”, subtitled “No room for disabled ex-high sheriff as health group wields the axe” – CCG had been warned that meeting room hired might be too small
Wheel Chair user prevented from attending Meeting
I wrote yesterday that Bart Hellyer had been prevented from attending the ELR CCG Board meeting in public which was discussing Continuing Healthcare – Settings of Care Policy Implementation. This is a link to bart’s interview on Radio Leicester this morning http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p058g56n He is 2:50:55 hours into the programme.
Hearing his story Giuliana Foster I am left wondering how an organisation could make such a big “error”. Basis common sense should have told his welcoming party what was happening was wrong.
Listen to the statement from LLR it says HWRutland invited the public, I doubt that. Yes I live in Rutland but I was there as part of the Leicester Mercury Patients’ Panel, another Rutland person was there because she became aware through me. There were several people from Lutterworth and I doubt they were invited by HWR but Giuliana will know. The statement also suggested we the public should let them know if we are attending. Bunkum, it is a meeting in public, there is no requirement to pre-register and the CCG should ensure they have enough space to accommodate members of the public especially when the issue is high profile. Actually I understand that the CCG had been informed that 4 wheelchair users planned to attend.
What is clear is that ELRCCG is trying to manage the public, the suggestion in the statement to Radio Leicester to let them know we are coming, Clive Wood (Dep Chair) coming to us in reception to set the tome and behaviours and the request that we provide them with our questions before the meeting.

p. 15 a letter by Suresh Chauhan under “Increase number of training places” – for GPs
p. 24 “Hospice asks if it can help”, subtitled “Town wellbeing centre possible” – already offering clinics at a GP surgery in Rutland

p.23 “Network of supporters has to shut” – Network for Change/mental health support

“Pave the way for success”, subtitled “Health trust’s work with police and others up for award” – mental health partnership work


P. 15 LETTER by Jill Friedmann under “Poor record on NHS contracts”(new patient transport ambulance service)

p. 24 In the House Neil O’Brien under “Some of the thing I’ll be fighting for” – incl. Glenfield heart unit

I’ve been out and about collecting signatures for a Parliamentary Petition to save Glenfield Children’s Heart Unit. I was on Oadby Parade and Bell St in Wigston. I’ll be collecting signatures elsewhere in the constituency in the weeks ahead. Its an opportunity for people in Harborough, Oadby and Wigston to send a message to NHS England from our particular constituency that we don’t want it to close.
The main campaign page Save our heart unit Glenfield is the best place to find updates – and I will continue to support the cross party campaign of all Leicestershire MPs to keep the unit.

Leicester’s leisure centres should get ridof junk food in vending machines

“Surgery in special measures”, subtitled “Practice assures patients inspectors’ concerns have been addressed” – Groby Surgery

p. 23 “Team marks medical first”, subtitled “Surgeon and support celebrate 10 years of procedure” – trans-catheter aortic valve implantation, instead of open-heart surgery
p. 13 “Fears over care of severely disabled”, subtitled “Campaigners warn of the consequences of cost-cutting” – in plans by the East Leics. and Rutland CCG; a meeting

Tues 8th
Continuing healthcare - Mercury 8Aug17


Diagnosis is good for hospital food”, subtitled “Patients give menus and service big thumbs up”

LEETTER by Vivien M Addey under “Pledge is too late to save service” – Network for Change

p. 16 “Rutland rated top for social services”, subtitled “County is helping to reduce strain on NHS”

Mercury launches survey to find out your mental health experiences

The research aims to shine a light on what people in our community are experiencing


p. 24 “Offices and homes plan for hospital” – Ashby (HOSPITAL WAS CLOSED)

p. 28 “Plan to change advice services”, subtitled “Council consulting on the provision of welfare support” – city council, instead of five voluntary services only one to be funded

p. 12 “No paramedic is involved in one in six 999 call-outs”, subtitled “Technicians and care assistants” – this involves Red 1, most serious, calls

Not online-will include in next mail out-p. 16 a letter by Dr Peter Holden, BMA, under “It’s time to heal the ailing NHS”

p. 22 “New prescriptions plan”, subtitled “Repeat orders to be made through doctors to cut waste” – i.e. no longer via the pharmacy

p. 26 In the House, Alberto Costa under “Tackling mental health issues” – promises….

Op damages appeal fails”, subtitled “Payout for post-surgery death” – Glenfield 2007, then experimental, now routine keyhole heart valve replacement
A&E good, not perfect”, subtitled “Watchdog report positive, but signs could be improved”

p. 16 “£25k given to heart researchers” – NIHR Leicester Biomedical Research Centre

“Leading surgeon queries heart unit review figures”subtitled “NHS statistics have been ‘plucked from the sky’, says Lord Darzi –LeicMercury 4Aug2017,


p20 “I need NHS help to save my eye sight”, subtitled “Vital treatment required by Sian is normally classed as ‘cosmetic’ op”

Midwives’ talk about innovative service” – at International Confederation of Midwives, in-home blood pressure monitoring

p. 15 a letter by Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya, BMA junior doctor committee, under “Our doctors don’t have time to train”

p. 16 “NHS planners in England’s top 10%”, subtitled “Commissioning group wins national praise” – West Leics. CCG