094) 15.2.20 – 7.3.20

6th March

Pages 4 and 5 “As the anniversary of the first county infection nears, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but only if we…. DO NOT BLOW IT NOW”        and

“District jumps to top of table for infection rates” – NW Leicestershire highest rate in England

p. 7 “Hospital patient total halves”      and

“Places of worship in city urged to remain closed”

p. 12 NATIONAL “Anger grows over NHS staff pay rise”

p. 12 “                 , brief “Covid is still falling”

p. 23 “From heart pumps to deadly habits… how university is helping” – a range of medically important inventions and discoveries by UL

 5th March

Pages 1/4/5 “Covid ‘could persist in city areas where jab take-up is slow’” and “Fears over swathe of city where uptake of the vaccine is too low” – with up-take map

p. 6 “University engineers’ low-cost ventilators”, subtitled “To help with Covid patients”

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Jabs fast-tracked” – in UK

p. 15 a letter by Michael Barker under “Decision seems to go against common sense” – about Covid spread in schools

p. 19 “Nurses urn top award” – Loros team for care during Covid crisis

p. 27 “’College’ has health courses” – NHS mental-health virtual support

Pages 4 and 5 “As the anniversary of the first county infection nears, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but only if we…. DO NOTBLOW IT NOW”        and

“District jumps to top of table for infection rates” – NW Leicestershire highest rate in England

4th march

Pages 1 and 4 “I was losing my baby, but sent home and told to take painkillers” and “They admitted they should have referred me, but no apology” – denied access to A&E by triage doctor from DHU healthcare , contracted by NHS

p. 3 “Woman is guilty of £184,000 fraud at GP surgery” – Kibworth Medical Centre

p. 15 three letters on Covid issues, notably

Councillor Nigel Porter under “No-one to blame but mayor and his party”

p. 6/7 all Covid:

“Council calls in high-risk areas” – tests and advice in Mowmacre and Stocking Farm

“Concern as two areas in top three for infections” – city and county

“Cases expected to rise as pupils go to school” – parents mingling at the gates are blamed

“Death toll includes a patient in their 20s”

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Hospital rates down”

p. 17 a whole-page appeal for post-Covid plasma donations

p. 8/9 “’Dad deserved to be properly cared for and he wasn’t” – many issues raised with Rushcliffe Care Group and Leicestershire County Council as safeguarding authority

3rd march

p. 6 “City is facing ‘double whammy of high case rates, low jab rates’” – Jon Ashworth asked Matt Hancock about possibility of prolonged lockdown

p. 6 “Second highest rate in England” – after Corby

p. 7 “Concerns about complacency over Covid rules” – the police

p. 7 and 16 items about rule breakers

p. 12 NATIONAL “Hunt for missing virus case narrows” – Brazilian mutation

p. 15 a letter by V Hallam under “Alarming information to also be considered” – anti-vaccination passport, ? a vaccine-sceptic ; long letter, mixed bag of arguments

p. 15 a letter by Murray Sinclair under “Government seems to believe it’s above law” – incl. on Covid-related procurements

not NHS, but immigration/asylum:

p. 22 “That’s a bit rough – MP says policy can’t go on” Claudia Webbe’s Early Day motion against government’s recent immigration policy, that makes rough sleeping ground for refusing or cancelling right to remain  

2nd march

p. 6 “’I want people to know how bad it is….’” – Covid warning story of 29-year-old

plus ”Scarecrow festival is off” – due to Covid

p. 7 an item about a Covid-rule fine

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Vaccination boost” – financial

p. 12 “                    “        “Not enough ICU beds” – NHS Providers   

p. 18 “Tory quits party over handling of the Covid crisis” – Barwell councillor says government was not supportive enough and too cautious over re-opening businesses

1st march

p. 6 “Anger that jail inmates to get jab before police”

p. 7  “Rapid test centre the sixth open in the city” – at Hamilton

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Vaccinations at 20m”

“   “    “                   “       “Eating disorder fear” – long waits

p. 13 WORLD “Single dose vaccine get US green light” – Johnson & Johnson       

p. 15 three letters:

Robert Ball under “Don’t lose sight of the real hospitals issue” – reconfiguration and lack of capacity

28th February



Feb 27th

p. 6 “Vaccination rate slows down” – city, county and Rutland

p. 6 “Taxi drivers praise for giving free lifts to jabs” – NW Leicestershire

p. 7 “’There’s still time to stop city being singled out for new local lockdown’ – Soulsby


p. 7 “Investigations start into rising cases in two areas” – Loughborough and Thurmaston

p. 12 NATIONAL “People in their 40s next in line”  

p. 15 a letter by Lynn Cruddace under “Mayor must act now to avoid a local lockdown”

Feb 26th

p. 2 “Hancock challenged over ‘duff’ PPE deals”

p. 4 “Judge rules medics are allowed to end mum’s life-support”, subtitled “’Zero chance’ of recovery as Covid adds to underlying condition” – ethical conflict with family

p. 18 “Covid rapid test centre now open” – in Oakham

Feb 25th

p. 16 “Fake jabs message warning” – over-50s had to be turned away from hospital jab sites

p. 1 and 4 “Nurse died days after catching Covid-19” – with pro-vaccine message

p. 6/7 “We mustn’t let roadmap to freedom lead to local lockdown” – Soulsby -, and      

            “’Cases not falling as far or as fast in county’” , plus

            two other articles, one about end of lockdown and one about Covid threat made to police

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Waiting list warning” – ‘many years’ to clear

p. 18 “University helps in breakthrough in predicting cancer” – UL, genetic tendency towards chronic lymphatic leukaemia


Feb 24th

p. 2 “Jab invites on the way to 64-year-olds”

p. 7 “Doctors had been saying Latifah had sciatica. Then they rang me to say it is stage four cancer” – sarcoma in young patient, questions over possible lack of prompt investigation   

p. 12 NATIONAL “PM ‘optimistic’ over roadmap plan”

LETTERSp. 15 is all about Covid/NHS/health issues:

Joleta Meakin under “Roadmap is policy of tolerable deaths total”

L Measom under “The public will want vaccination passports”

Jean Burbridge under “Government must write off hospital debts”   (Don’t penalise LLR)

Concern was expressed last week about the £46 million ‘hole’ in our local University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) NHS trust’s budget. (letter “Lack of confidence in the hospitals trust” Tuesday 16th February). The irregularity in UHL’s financial accounting was revealed by the Leicester Mercury last June and investigations are ongoing.

Readers may have also been shocked that our local hospitals are in such a deficit at all, but the Kings Fund’s research (November 2020) shows that Leicester is not alone in that respect. In 2018/19 46% of NHS and Foundation trusts were in deficit, a figure that had risen from 5% in 2010/11. Every year the trusts must make “efficiency savings” plans but their income does not keep up with increased work load and inflation.

So the Green Party letter was correct to say “budgets have not reflected NHS costs”.

However, to deduce that UHL may have to cut local health services to fill the hole is a suggestion we should not even consider. The government has shown great ability to find money to pay contracts for PPE (personal protective equipment), test and trace systems, coronavirus testing and vaccine research and manufacture. In fact it has found £ billions and so it should.

Now it must follow through and write off the hospital deficits. I am sure all LLR residents will expect their ten MPs to keep a close eye on the local health budgets and strenuously resist any suggestion of cuts on their territory. “

p. 20 “’Don’t put off cancer checks until rainy day’” – celebrities in BME prostate cancer checks campaign

Feb 23rd

Pages 1, 4 and 5 “’End really is in sight’”, “Roadmap outlines the four steps”, “Caution is key for Boris” and “Regular tests for older pupils”  – all about the PM’s pronouncements yesterday

p. 12 NATIONAL “Vaccine passport plans face review”

p. 12 “                 , brief “Pfizer jab ‘effective’”

p. 18 “’We face major pandemics’” – of heart failure, diabetes and diabetic chronic kidney disease; Leicester specialists warn

Feb 22nd

Apart from people’s post-lockdown plans (p. 2) and rule-breaking fines (p. 6) there is today:

p. 4/5 “’I was all alone when I was told I had cancer – I was terrified and confused’” – a ”Campaign to allow support for youngsters”

 p 12 NATIONAL, brief “Heart surgery first” – using machine to preserve transplant hearts for children

 p. 12 NATIONAL “Schools priority as four tests revealed” – PM about leaving lockdown

 p. 21 “Teamwork is aiming to transform patient care” – between GPs and  various specialist services

Feb 20th


p. 2 “Prison service trying to contain outbreak of Covid” – Gartree

p. 2 “Death toll highest on record at hospitals” – last week


p. 6 “Back into UK top 10 as other areas see faster fall”


p. 6/7 “Why are rates so stubbornly high in the city?”


p. 6 “11,000 more will be told to shield” – in city

p 12 NATIONAL, brief “Covid rate dropping”

p. 13 WORLD “’Whole world’ must get Covid vaccines” – G7 meeting

 p. 21 “Soldiers in frontline of Europe haulier testing”

Feb 19th

Pages 1 and 4 “I have my suitcase packed, but…” bladder cancer op twice postponed because of Covid


p. 10 “Fight goes on to help Amira” – rare condition case

p. 12 NATIONAL three items:

in “brief”: “PM’s vaccine pledge” – to give most of UK surplus to poor countries

“    ”           “Syndrome findings” – the causes of gulf war syndrome

“Testing by parents a concern for union”

p. 18 “Parents with drink/drug problems on the increase”

p. 20 “Specialist to lead way into cancer care” – mesothelioma diagnosis and care

p. 16 “Police get £860k extra funding for Covid response”

Feb 18th

Pages 6/7 “Covid-19 nearly killed me, not the jab” – Zimbabwean care assistant trying to convince other Africans/BAME groups of the value of vaccination


p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Lung cancer fears” – people not presenting with symptoms due to pandemic

p. 12 NATIONAL “Data ‘should decide easing of lockdown’” PM

p. 20 “Fewer minority staff get jab” – UHL study of hospital staff,


p. 17 “Hospice expanding services” – Rainbows, Children with a range of life-threatening illnesses

Feb 17th

p. 2 “Another 530 set for visit or call from the lockdown inspectors” – checks n a wide variety of businesses and organisations

p. 12 NATIONAL “nearly 2m more are told to shield”

 p. 25 “Sports kit low virus risk” – different kinds of transmission risks investigated by universities

 p. 5 “Care home Covid procedures ‘not always followed’” – Lester Hall Apartments, Elm Road; a number of failings, incl. Too few cleaners

February 16th

onlineWhere today’s LEICESTER new Covid-19 cases have been confirmed


Almost 2million more people in England told to shield from Covid


UK Covid deaths drop by almost a quarter week-on-week in lowest Tuesday total of year


One part of Leicestershire sees a week-on-week rise in coronavirus infection rates


Boarded up, strewn with rubbish and abandoned – the Leicester estate that has been left in limbo hospital close, general hospital


 p. 12 NATIONAL “PM: We will take cautious approach



Letter: Mags Lewis on £46 million hole in UHL budget img_20210216_0001DOWNLOAD

February 15th

p. 7 “Number of patients on wards with Covid falling”

p. 12 NATIONAL “Raab rejects calls to end lockdown”

p. 15 “Why rethink is needed on vaccination groups” – to include, eg. young asthmatics

p. 21 ”Rapid test centre the fifth open  in the city” – in Mowmacre Hill