027) 12/8/17 – 19/8/17

Since the recent revamp of the Leicester Mercury online site there have been even fewer inline article to match those in the printed paper.
Below are the week’s paper copy articles with any link provided.
*A report on the Continuing Healthcare meeting last week is copied from Facebook as not available on the Mercury website.

At the end is an article about hospitals in Devon being closed. The local councillor’s comments apply to us.

Dementia wards get £250k upgrade”, subtitled “Improvements will create ‘brighter, more pleasant’ place”

p. 20 “Cancer care getting better for patients” subtitled “Survey reveals improvement in experiences of treatment, support

p. 26 “Bid to reduce diabetes risk”, subtitled “Focus on illness in pregnancy


9 “£25k needed for an op to help Frankie take his first steps” – selective dorsal rhyzotomy for boy with cerebral palsy, procedure not routinely available, but being reviewed by NHS, with questions of suitability in this case

*p. 11 “Excluded from cuts meeting”, subtitled “No room for disabled ex-high sheriff as health group wields the axe” – CCG had been warned that meeting room hired might be too small
Wheel Chair user prevented from attending Meeting
I wrote yesterday that Bart Hellyer had been prevented from attending the ELR CCG Board meeting in public which was discussing Continuing Healthcare – Settings of Care Policy Implementation. This is a link to bart’s interview on Radio Leicester this morning http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p058g56n He is 2:50:55 hours into the programme.
Hearing his story Giuliana Foster I am left wondering how an organisation could make such a big “error”. Basis common sense should have told his welcoming party what was happening was wrong.
Listen to the statement from LLR it says HWRutland invited the public, I doubt that. Yes I live in Rutland but I was there as part of the Leicester Mercury Patients’ Panel, another Rutland person was there because she became aware through me. There were several people from Lutterworth and I doubt they were invited by HWR but Giuliana will know. The statement also suggested we the public should let them know if we are attending. Bunkum, it is a meeting in public, there is no requirement to pre-register and the CCG should ensure they have enough space to accommodate members of the public especially when the issue is high profile. Actually I understand that the CCG had been informed that 4 wheelchair users planned to attend.
What is clear is that ELRCCG is trying to manage the public, the suggestion in the statement to Radio Leicester to let them know we are coming, Clive Wood (Dep Chair) coming to us in reception to set the tome and behaviours and the request that we provide them with our questions before the meeting.

p. 15 a letter by Suresh Chauhan under “Increase number of training places” – for GPs
p. 24 “Hospice asks if it can help”, subtitled “Town wellbeing centre possible” – already offering clinics at a GP surgery in Rutland

p.23 “Network of supporters has to shut” – Network for Change/mental health support

“Pave the way for success”, subtitled “Health trust’s work with police and others up for award” – mental health partnership work