091) 26/4/21 – 15/5/21

15th May

p. 2 “’Try local booking for jabs’ – officials” – local clinics being set up for Pfizer jabs for under-40s

p. 8 “Current cases ‘under control’ in city” – of the Indian variant


p. 8 “’Alarm bells should ring’ over Indian Covid strain” – Jon Ashworth


p. 12 NATIONAL “Public must help to suppress virus” – Nadhim Zahawi


14th May

p. 5 “Another 48,800 get their Covid jab”                   


p. 12 “NHS waiting lists reach record high”







13th May

p. 6 “No more deaths – but Covid not yet over and done with”


p. 11 “City is third worst for diabetes rates” – in the UK


p. 12 NATIONAL “Inquiry to examine pandemic response”


p. 12 “               , brief “Jabs for new group” – age 38/39

p. 15 a letter by Christine Harrison under “Remembering city’s first woman doctor” – very interesting

p. 22/23 “Stroke survivors find each other and way to help support others”

11th May

p. 12 “Further lifting of lockdown on way”

 10th May

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Mental health help” – £17m

p. 21 “Project Pony helps weary NHS staff” – offered by horse therapy centre

p. 9 “Inquiry urged into failings of care home branded dirty”, subtitled “Closure was forced as inspectors uncovered safety breaches” – The Limes, Hinckley, Leicestershire County Care Ltd.

8th May

p. 9 “Covid patients drop below 20 from a high of 500” – at city hospitals

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Under-40s jab offer” – alternative to AstraZeneca

7th may

p. 7 “Uni leads in Covid risk study” – Loughborough; via building design

p. 7 “City drops out of top 20 for infection rates” – with stats, city still comparatively high

 p. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Alcohol deaths rise”

p. 13 WORLD “EU discusses US vaccine patent plan” – for patent waivers

6th May

p. 8 “GP surgery hit by ‘shortage of Pfizer vaccine’” – at Merlyn Vaz Centre, bureaucratic tangle

p. 9 “Pockets of city where infection rate is too high”

p. 7 “Care home firm repays £200k owed to council” – Leicestershire County Cares Ltd.

5th May

p. 15 a letter by Zina Zelter under “Put money into health, climate, not weapons”

3rd May

Pockets of Leicester where coronavirus infection rate is still more than four times national average


. 6 “Isla’s sight saved thanks to going for first eye test” – nine-year old with no problems found to have serious condition

p. 9 “How to stay in school, even if classmate tests positive for virus” – daily testing

p. 12 “MPs urge caution over travel rules”

p. 19 “MP welcomes surgery bill” – Alberto Costa, bill banning botulin and cosmetic fillers for under-18s

 p. 20 “NHS trust recognises excellence at awards”

1st May

“Jab invite on the way to all aged 40 and 41”

 p. 12 NATIONAL “Cases of Covid-19 show 40% drop” – in a week

 p. 15 a letter by Tom Barker under ”Prioritising corporate wealth over our health”

We might never know for certain whether Boris Johnson, after finally agreeing to the second lockdown, said “No more f****** lockdowns. Let the bodies pile high in their thousands.” But what we do know for sure is that, with 150,000+ now dead, the bodies did indeed pile high. Sky high, in fact. The UK has one of the worst death rates in the world. To give a graphic example, if you stacked the bodies of all the people who have died of covid in the UK it would be about 32 miles high, which is halfway to actual space! This is in spite of the UK being the world’s sixth richest economy. Why? The government repeatedly refused to take measures to stop the spread of the virus, prioritising instead the needs of big business. They also cynically used the pandemic to hand services to their mates in the private sector, despite their record of failure.While Johnson’s alleged comments are extremely callous, it is his government’s actions that are the most abhorrent. So why does the media only hold him to account on what he said rather than what he did? The only answer is that they too prioritise corporate wealth over public health.

 p. 22 “Experts to lead project on vaccine passports”

p. 4 “No Covid hospital deaths in past week” – none since 18thApril

30th April

p. 8 “Care home Covid cases ‘are down dramatically’”

p. 8 “Research suggests ways to cut vaccine hesitancy” – esp.  among health care workers

 p. 15 a letter signed by about three dozen eminent national figures and organisations under “The social care system needs investment now”

 p. 21 “Politicians seek update on revamp for hospitals”The cash was promised more than two years ago – Hinckley and Bosworth


29th April

p. 3 “Doctor one of Europe’s brightest young talents” – Infectious disease specialist Dr Daniel Pan; very impressive

p. 5 “Vape starter packs given out to smokers at city A&E”

p. 6 “The Indian Covid variant is here: What we know, and how health chiefs responding”

 p. 6 “Drive-through vaccine clinics being considered”

p. 7 “Government ‘too slow’ bringing in travel restrictions” – city council

 p. 13 WORLD “Europe ‘closing in on herd immunity’”

28th April

p. 6 “’Really good progress’ on jabs roll-out”

 p. 6 “Case identified at school” – in Thurnby Lodge

 p. 7 “First three cases of Indian variant of Covid-19 are detected in city” – from before the mandatory hotel quarantine; contacts and a school are being tested

 p 7 “The latest infection figures”

 p. 12 NATIONAL, 5 Minute briefing: “Fear over NHS scans” – staffing problems in radiology

 27th April

p. 10/11 ”Condition that causes a lifetime of pain: and the number of hospital admissions is soaring” – fibromyalgia and struggles for proper diagnosis


p. 12 NATIONAL “PM denies ‘bodies pile high’ remark”

p. 19 “Scientists seek blood donors for Covid study” – esp. from ethnic minority backgrounds for the Genetics of Mortality in Critical Care Covid-19 study

 p. 25 “Covid conspiracies” – myth busting on everything about the pandemic

“Care home ‘could be seized” – by city council to clear debts of Leicestershire County Care Ltd.

26th April

p. 5 a Covid-patient thank-you-NHS story

 p. 12 NATIONAL 5 Minute briefing: “Vaccine for over-44s”

 p. 16 “Bid to get diabetics more active” – Diabetes UK and Sport England

 p. 21 “’There were a lot of patients we didn’t think would make it’” – Hinckley and Bosworth Community Hospital on Covid