16/4/17 – 22/4/17


“Pharmacists to be based at GP surgeries to help with medication and treatment” NHS England and various agencies

p. 10 “Campaigners seek delay on heart centre consultation”, subtitled “NHS England to be asked for extension because of effects of election”
p. 17 “Alzheimer’s drug breakthroughs exciting, says Prof”, subtitled “Clinical trials could be imminent after study of effects on brain cells” – UL

p. 19 “NHS chiefs defend hip op ‘pain test’, subtitled “Scores ‘not decisive’ for approving surgery”

p. 20 “Record calls for volunteer doctors in the past year” – Emics, called out 1,731 times in last year

p. 21 “Good report for practice”, subtitled “Inspectors praise GP surgery as safe, caring and well-led” – Highfield Surgery

p. 35 “’People struggling to see GPs are heading for A&E’”, subtitled “Hospital’s concern as record numbers seek treatment” – George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton

Bowel cancer test concerns”, subtitled “Hospitals failing to hit targets” – wait for endoscopies

p. 31 “Carers in teamwork pledge to help disabled” – LPNT event for all involved in the care of people with learning disabilities

“More meeting to explain heart surgery proposals”, subtitled “Half of views received by NHS England from this region” – read carefully

p. 19 “Kidney patients’ home comfort”, subtitled “Surgery has its own dialysis unit” – Earl Shilton, another option to home or hospital dialys
Drop-in service to stay put”, subtitled “’Victory for common sense’ over Merlin Vaz centre ruling”

p. 29 “Medics host conference on future of health care”, subtitled “Talks on genomics and improving treatment” – conference at UL, aims at genomic medicine service for NHS

p36 TV Highlights
Channel 4’s’ Confessions of a junior doctor’ under “Life on the NHS frontline” 

page 15 a letter by Sheila Armstrong under “Use means test for health service”

p. 17 “Pharmacies: fears over cuts”, subtitled “Jobs axed after reduced funding”

“200k ‘golden hellos’ to lure doctors and nurses” , subtitled “Money goes to 15 practices and ad campaign launched” – GPs and practice nurses

p. 9 “Stranded in hospital for eight months” – waits for assessments and care funding

p. 16 “Nine out of 10 tots receiving meningitis B vaccinations”, subtitled “Medics hail the healthy numbers”