021) 18/9/17 – 23/9/17

Please find the headings from the paper and some online links. There are now different articles online from in the paper. I photographed items from week beginning 16th.

Wed 20th:
p. 19 “Eighty TB cases in city”, subtitled “Patients identified through national screening process”

p.32 Patients can have their say on the role of their family doctor- 2017 09 26_5880

Thu 21st:
p. 7 “Hospital car park ‘should not be for Tigers fans’” – problems because it is a public car park and relatively cheap for match visitors

Fri 22nd:
p. 11 “Heart unit verdict delay”, subtitled “Campaigners vow to continue their fight against closure” – 2017 09 26_5881

p. 28 “NHS heroes honoured for 2,465 years of dedication” – staff and volunteers, LPNT
2017 09 26_5882

Sat 23rd:
“’Help improve mental health services’” – LPNT to review survey responses –
patients to raise money to buy private further treatment

2017 09 26_5883

p. 19 “Make people aware of this blood cancer”, subtitled “Call for more emotional support for patients after incurable diagnosis” – chronic lymphatic leukaemia, patients often die with it rather than from it

2017 09 26_5884