087) 19/07/21 – 15/08/21

15th August



14th August

p. 3 “Covid-19 infection rates up slightly” – city and county

p. 9 “10,267 doctor appointments missed in June”


p. 18 “Covid jabs available – including to under-18s” and

          “Drop-in clinics for all running this weekend”

p. 19 “’Do not assume feeling unwell means Coronavirus – you could have meningitis’”


13th August

p. 7 “Hospital opens inquiry as nan says: I’ll never forgive them for ruining my life” – Queen’s Medical Centre, appalling care alleged


p. 8 “’Virtual wards’ return to monitor people’s Covid at home” – from Glenfield


p. 8 “Hospitals under strain as 4,000 extra patients at A&E in June”


p. 26 “My life began when I started therapy work” – patients recruited as support workers


12th August

p. 10 an inquest report into DVT death in hospital – to be continued, patient’s lifestyle blamed

p. 20 “Have your say in mental health services review”


p. 21 “Navigate options for care from 111 to 999” – CCG’s advice to public on FNHS services



Health bosses reveal how to get seen quicker when NHS is busiest


11th August

p. 12 NATIONAL “75% of UK adults are double-jabbed”

p. 20 “See pharmacist rather than GP” – could save 6 – 8% of GP appointments


9th August

p. 7 “’Businesses are still suffering as Covid measures put off shoppers’”

p 16 ”Student’s stick helps people with dementia to live independently” with tracking device alerting to unusual behaviour


7th August

p. 8 “Drop-in Covid jab clinics open over weekend” – seven locations

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Teens get Covid jab”

p. 15 a letter by Dr Andrew Gollard under “Don’t blame NHS app for the Covid chaos” – mishandling of crisis –see letter in full at :


5th August

p. 4 “Number of new virus infections increases”

p. 12 NATIONAL “16-year-olds won’t need jab consent” – from their parents

p. 13 WORLD “WHO calls for halt to vaccine boosters” – till poor countries have had their vaccines

p. 15 a letter by Suresh Chauhan under “Boris’ shortcomings costing us all dear” – incl. handling of pandemic READ EXCELLENT LETER IN FULL HERE:



p. 12 NATIONAL “Drug deaths highest since records began”

p. 20 readers opinions on Covid passports for nightclubs

p. 21 “Research in health ‘must improve’ its inclusion of minorities”

3rd August

p. 2 ”Covid-19 vaccinations available to all eligible people at drop-in clinic” – four clinics

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Booster decision soon” – for over-50s

p. 15 an unnamed letter under “Am I suffering from long Covid?” – illustrating patients’ worries

2nd August

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Drug death worries” – Scotland

p. 15 an unnamed letter under “Call to make it easier to get doctor appointment” – very general

p. 19 “Yusuf wins award for his low-cost ventilator” – from Royal Academy of Engineering, promising invention, interesting article


1st August

Latest daily Covid-19 figures confirm hundreds of new cases – here’s the breakdown for where you live


31st July

p. 4 “Health schemes are shortlisted for awards” – patient involvement schemes

p. 12 NATIONAL “Health union urges rejection of pay deal”

p. 12 “                , brief: “Elderly in more pain” – compared with before Covid

p. 18 “Midwives set out to ‘decolonise’ teaching practice”, subtitled “People should be ‘colour aware’ not ‘colour blind’” – responding to special needs, but without prejudice

30th July

p. 8 “Public health leaders presented with honorary degrees” – from Loughborough University to Mike Sandys and Prof Ivan Browne

p. 9 “Investment is needed to tackle epidemic of crime, says MP” – Claudia Webbe; for  community- and mental health services

p. 12 NATIONAL “Pingdemic worsens as 700k told to isolate”

29th July

p. 10 “Covid testing lab in town to reopen ;four months after closure” – Loughborough

28th July

p. 5 “Boss says sorry after care home still rated inadequate” – Ashton Care Home, Hinckley

p. 9 “Care home in top three for deaths linked to Covid” – Peaker Park Care Village, Market Harborough

26th July

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Stars in NHS tribute” various plans of sculpture and performance

 24th July

p. 1, 4, 5 “In the grip of pingdemic” – impact of the scheme

p. 12 NATIONAL “Food workers free from self-isolation”

p. 12 “                 , brief “Covid infections rise” – one in 75

 p. 13 WORLD “Jab cleared for children”

p. 16 “Government amber list travel rules ‘confusing’” – about who still has to self-isolate

 p. 19 “Fresh bid to get more young people jabbed”

23rd July

p. 10 “Eat Out scheme ‘likely led to rise in deaths in minority ethnic groups” – fears about ending of restrictions hitting the same groups via restaurant- and other vulnerable workers

p. 12 NATIONAL “Tory revolt over vaccine passports”

p. 12 “                 , brief “3% pay offer ‘insult’” Royal College of Nursing



22nd July

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief: “Anger over NHS pay”


21st July

p. 12 NATIONAL “Crucial to isolate if pinged – No 10”

p. 15 a letter by Suresh Chauhan under “Predicting restrictions will be imposed again”

20th July

p. 2 “Public divided by ‘Freedom Day’ as many still in masks”

p. 15 three letters on the lifting of restrictions:

Ray Newcombe under “What is enjoyable now could see new lockdown”

Unnamed under “Shop at non-busy times if worried about masks”

Unnamed under “Lifting of restrictions doesn’t mean it’s over”

19th July

p. 10 “Nurses get help to build skills” – LPNHS scholarships