89) 21/1/18 – 27/1/18


“Ex-hospital to be sold” – Market Harborough’s decommissioned District Hospital

p. 26 “Diabetes expert is honoured” – Prof Melanie Davies by NHS

Full GMC statement over striking off Jack Adcock doctor
‘This has been a tragic case; a family has lost their son in terrible circumstances and a doctor has lost her career’“Justice for Jack” etc. – the Jack Adcock/Dr Bawa-Garba case – family celebrations,

p. 8 “**Meeting will discuss state of the NHS” – tomorrow’s meeting at Secular Hall

p. 16 NATIONAL “Plea to keep nurses” – more should be done to retain them

Why I will be homeless in city for a week” – this includes something about a need for NHS outreach to rough sleepers

p. 14 “Mental health services showing progress, but ‘still have to improve’” – CCG inspections

p. 19 two letters, one by Suleman Nagdi, the other’s author anonymous, under “Reasons to be grateful for NHS – Or not”

p. 20 “Senior medic calls for political unity over NHS funding” – Dr Peter Holden

letter by Adam Krupa under “Give to the NHS, don’t take from it”

Scheme will try to tackle number of suicides in Leicestershire – Around 60 people a year kill themselves in Leicestershire

Recovery plan developed to tackle ‘inadequate’ patient transport services in Leicester and Leicestershire (Thames patient transport)