093) 8/3/21 – 20/3/21

20th March





19th March

p. 2 “Patient in their 20s included in death toll” – 22 local Covid deaths, of which 20 in hospitals in a week


p. 10/11 “The people’s hospital” – 250 years LRI


 p. 12 NATIONAL 5 Minute Briefing: “NHS overtime claim” – during pandemic, Labour claim

p. 12 “                 “’Delivery delays’ behind jabs blip” – from Indian producer

 p. 16 “Queues at walk-in jab hubs to avoid wastage” – people invited in to use up spare doses

p. 16 “Slow walkers ‘at greater risk of dying from Covid” – UL research in middle-aged patients

18th March

p. 12 5 minute briefing: “Cummings’ attack” – on DHSC over pandemic


I think the statement on who led the vaccination programme needs checking!!! JB Institute of Governmernt says”Who is responsible for the vaccine rollout?

Purchasing vaccines and R&D falls under the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Vaccine Task Force. The rollout is the responsibility of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), working with NHS England, NHS Improvement and Public Health England to co-ordinate vaccinations across a large network of vaccination sites including in hospitals, GPs and pharmacies. The two areas need to be closely aligned.

“   “ “                                  “AstraZeneca for PM”

p. 13 Global briefing: “Trump urges supporters to get virus jab” – finally!

 p. 16 “Vaccine centre opens at hospital” – Loughborough

 p. 22 “City GP’s idea sees vaccine uptake increase 100%” – Dr Azhar Farooqi, by the surgery ringing and persuading patients


p. 23 “Disgust at ‘damaging’ leaflets on virus ‘hoax’” – Antivaccer(s) targeting areas


17th March

“Celebrations after couple’s campaign for drug approval is successful” – complicated and important: they raised £1.9m for treatment in US, and lobbied to get it Nice approved. It has now been approved, but only for children under 12 months; their son is 16 months old. They, who are of Turkish origin, are celebrating, but still lobbying for approval in older children for the benefit of others.   https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/local-news/parents-severely-ill-boy-celebrate-5164750

p. 15 a nameless letter under “The country can afford a show of appreciation” – NHS workers’ pay

16th March

big thank-you to Glenfield adult heart services on p. 3,

p. 8 “Covid rates suppressed in 15 areas”, subtitled “But both city and county remain above national level


p. 9 “City has highest number of furlough throughout region” – and unemployment doubled


p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Rapid test progress” – more tests produced

     “   “                   “        “NHS digital doubts” – generational differences in digital services experience

15 an eight-line letter by John Birch under “Use the £350m a week to pay for more medics”

p. 1 & 4 “I fear I’ll be forced to sleep in kitchen…” – complicated wrangle with council over house extension badly needed for motor-neuron-disease victim


15th March

p. 6/7 “A year ago, stark press release told of first city Covid death. Sadly…” – reflection

p. 7 “PPE offer to anyone who acts as a carer” – incl. occasional ones, city council

p. 12 NATIONAL “New Covid warning” – new wave in the autumn


p. 16/17 “Support for roadmap out of lockdown – but June may be too early to go ‘back to normal’” – survey, incl. views on Covid passports

12th March

p. 6/7 “Meet some of NHS staff who have been the driving force behind Covid research”

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Vaccine reassurance” – Astra-Zeneca over blot clots

p. 15 a short letter by John Young under “Use the money saved by Brexit to fund NHS”

p 20 “Plea for volunteers to help with vaccinations” – by St. John’s ambulance

‘One in five’ 16 to 59-year-olds in England have had first Covid vaccine dose


Leicestershire’s daily Covid-19 cases top 200 for the first time this month Rates remain steady in the city but some areas of the county are seeing an increase


The number of jabs given in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland has dropped off


11th march

p. 5 ”We’ve been given 50 doses of vaccine for 500 patients” – Wycliffe Medical Practice -, and

        “Closed for 11 days due to supplies shortfall” – Charnwood – temporary hiatus

p. 6 “Areas and infection rates” – city, per 100,000

        “Probe into parts city where cases very high” (Mowmacre, Stocking Farm)


p. 7 “Warnings as infections flare up in county town” – Ashby


10th March

p. 6/7 two very peripheral items re. Covid rules  and schools’ return  and

p. 6 “Two areas are finally off the top of virus infection table” – city and NW Leics., only just

 Covid recovery will take ‘years rather than months,’ health boss warns

More than 8,000 patients have been on waiting lists for longer than a year Report on LLR CCG meeting.https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/covid-recovery-take-years-months-5115254

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Surgery delay call” – for pre-planned surgery after Covid (higher death risk)

p. 13  World “New virus surge hits stricken Italian area” – the North

 p. 15 a letter by bishop Martyn Snow under “Shared responsibility to tackle infection rate”

p. 18 “A ‘concussion crisis’ means that things have to change” – sports injuries research

9th March

p. 2 “Catalytic converter thieves are targeting car park at hospital” – Glenfield

p. 7 “One-off £500 offer to self-isolating parents” – if children have to stay at home

 p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Breast cancer fears” – nearly 11,000 fewer cases found due to Covid

p. 15 two letters on NHS pay increase:

Les Gallop under “Become a social media expert, not a nurse”

David Newman under “MP’s rise was three times the NHS offer”

p. 16/17 “’Pay rise, for a junior doctor like me, is extra 89p a day’”

p. 17 “Waiting lists will be next burden to face”

 p. 22 “£1m extra given to fund to help city’s vulnerable” – Covid Winter Grant scheme

8th March

p.7 “’Low supply weeks’ of vaccine explained”, subtitled “Temporary closures of sites before ‘bumper’ supply”

p. 7 “Invite for jabs now for those over 56”

p. 8/9 “How ‘honest and loyal builder’ took his own life…” about mental health, with helplines

p. 12 “’Lack of school a bigger risk’ – PM” – than a school-led spike in cases

p. 15 a letter by Suresh Chauhan under “We need some clearer answers over hospitals” 

. 15 three different letters all under “Time council and MPs sort our Covid problem”, one by Mike Ross, the other by different nameless authors

p. 15 a letter by Kev Taylor under “Raise money for NHS with road crackdown”

p. 21 “Plans for second GP surgery in town being drawn up” – Melton