086) 16/8/21 – 21/8/21


21st August

p. 6/7 “Only 56.6% of young adults in Leicester have had a first jab”, subtitled “Initiatives launched to boost the take-up rate”


p. 6 “Cab firm offers Covid vaccination incentive” – 10,000 £10 vouchers

p. 7 “New clinic for African community” – vaccinations at African Caribbean Centre


p. 15 a long unnamed letter under “My illness could not be cured over the phone” – three wrong diagnoses for someone registered blind, with other problems, before getting face-to-face appointment and effective treatment for a severe rash via 111 service

20th Aug

p. 10 “Clinics open up to give teenagers their first vaccinations” – county

19th August

p. 12 NATIONAL,“Care staff jab doubts” – more than a quarter think vaccination should not be mandatory


“Pfizer vaccine decline” – new findings: while initially more effective than AZ, the Pfizer advantage wanes after a few months

Delta Covid variant spreads just as easily by vaccinated as the unvaccinated, scientists find


18th Aug

Pages 1, 4, 5 a Covid-just-survival story praising Glenfield and urging readers to get vaccinated

p. 6/7 a personal tale of incurable cancer

p. 12 NATIONAL, “Jab for kids approved”

17th August

p. 8 ”Drop-in clinics for Covid jabs” – Loughborough Hospital

p. 12 NATIONAL “Expert warning over ‘large’ autumn wave” – Prof Neil Ferguson


p. 12 Extra help from blood donors” – UK donors’ plasma can be used

 p. 21 “Patients contribute to study to improve care” – Covid respiratory support

16th August

p. 10 “Children’s heart care moves to £14.5m unit”