94) 1/12/17 – 31/12/17

p. 34 “Tigers tackle kidney disease” – aim to buy dialysis machines for the LRI and Glenfield, so that patients treated there don’t have to travel to the General for dialysis

Pages 1 and 3 “Violence against hospital staff is soaring”


P 6 “Sexual health clinic to open in the Haymarket centre”

(i-news p. 16 NATIONAL “NHS hotline calls up”
https://inews.co.uk/news/health/nhs-111-calls-reach-record-high-run-christmas/  )

p. 16 NATIONAL “Parking charges ‘tax on sickness’” – Lib Dems


Everything you need top know about superpath-the new minimally invasive hip replacement technique



Lowest-paid-hospital-staff-say they have not received wages for overtime and shifts


 Further suspension for doc convicted over Jack death”, subtitled “Six more months to allow paediatrician to address ‘personal issues’”

 p. 26 “Health schemes held up as example to all”, subtitled “Initiatives developed in Leicester helping heart disease patients”


 * £367m plans for hospitals will create just three new beds’”, subtitled “Campaigners are accusing health chiefs of ‘glossing over details’ of UHL proposals”


Healthcare on the high street” – some 111 callers will be referred to pharmacists instead of GPs


Elderly care is ‘biggest challenge”, subtitled “NHS Trust must adapt to longer life  expectancies”

 p. 21 “Planners of counties’ healthcare consider joining forces” – all Leic., Leics. and Rutland CCGs



NHS needs people with these two blood types to donate blood in leicester

p. 13 “Diabetes centre sets standard” – named International Centre of Excellence and of Education by International Diabetes Federation

p. 5 “‘Pioneering op shows decision was right’” – Liz Kendall re. Glenfield children’s heart surgery unit – MP Liz Kendall says praises surgeons who saved a baby girl in a pioneering procedure

Pages 1 (picture and headline), and pages 8 and 9, under various headlines, incl. “Baby girl born with her heart outside her body saved by Glenfield surgeons” all about this case


not Mercury ** worth reading **p. 16 NATIONAL “NHS trust fallout” – resigning Kings College Hospital chair versus NHS Improvement

p. 10 “Paramedics and police set to keep party revellers safe”, subtitled “Service treats injured partygoers” – “Polamb” team

THE BIG FANTASTIC NEWS OF THE WEEK WAS THE REPRIEVE of the Glenfield Children’s Congenital Heart Unit. Thank you to all supporters of the Campaign. See articles below.
Attached is an important item on how Derby council has rejected STP proposals; please have a read about their local campaign.

p 8 “Vomiting bug outbreak hits visiting times”, subtitled “Hospital introduces restrictions as staff battle to contain norovirus” -LRI

p. 22 “Quiz board on NHS body” – city CCG public meeting at St. John’s House, next Tuesday, 12th DEC 1 pm

National news

More than one in three teenagers are now overweight or obese, a new study has found. Researchers have found that 20 per cent of 14-year- olds in the UK are obese …

The shocking reason why women are less likely to receive …
New research has found that men are 23 per cent more likely to survive cardiac arrest suffered in a public place than their female counterparts. The new study, which …

p. 32 “Firm set to take over at city surgery” – Bowling Green Street Surgery, Derbyshire Health United

p. 11 “One out of six appointments cancelled by city hospitals”, subtitled “’Budget failed to ease problem’ ”Hospitals in Leicester cancelled one in six appointments last year. Figures show that 249,657 outpatient appointments were cancelled by the University Hospitals of …
p. 16 NATIONAL: “Amputation claim” – a woman suing two healthcare trusts saying that not treating a foot ulcer properly had led to partial leg amputation

p. 21 “Volunteers needed for county study into effects of diabetes medication”
Study finds weight loss could be cure to type 2 diabetes

p. 21 “MEP backing calls to ban operations” – Margot Parker; vaginal mesh ops for prolapse

Dec 4th
Leicester-Royal-InfirmaryOne in 6 APPOINTMENTS CANCELLED IN UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS OF LEICESTERFigures show hospital cancellations are rising

Dec 3rd
p. 16 NATIONAL: “Surgery list trebles” – national waiting list for heart transplants

Dec 1st
All of pages 1 and 3 – 5 are, under “HEART UNIT REPRIEVED” and a variety of other headlines, on the decision to continue children’s heart surgery at Glenfield

MSP_MERC_30NOV17_7836JPGAt 5.30pm this evening a large crowd gathered to mark the day many thought would never come

33151779JPGNHS England has delivered its verdict at a meeting in London  http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/nhs-england-decides-keep-childrens-856116

34962953JPGLive: Children’s heart surgery to remain at Glenfield …http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/live-decision-day-future-childrens-852619

p. 16, NATIONAL, “NHS services plea” – this short note is about plans/discussions to scrap a number of services presently provided, a must-read

not very new news about items no longer to be avialable on prescription
The boss of NHS England wants to slash a £141million cost by stopping GPs writing GettyImages-877099152prescriptions for ‘low-priority’ items. The health service confirmed it is set to …


p. 27 “£250k boost for research to help heart pump blood”, subtitled “Device would mean no surgery