029) 31/7/17 – 5/8/17

Leicester Mercury online is still lagging behind the printed version. In future we may have to resort to making a copy of some articles for your information.
Here is the past weeks’ titles of interest.

p. 24 “Offices and homes plan for hospital” – Ashby (HOSPITAL WAS CLOSED)

p. 28 “Plan to change advice services”, subtitled “Council consulting on the provision of welfare support” – city council, instead of five voluntary services only one to be funded

p. 12 “No paramedic is involved in one in six 999 call-outs”, subtitled “Technicians and care assistants” – this involves Red 1, most serious, calls

Not online-will include in next mail out-p. 16 a letter by Dr Peter Holden, BMA, under “It’s time to heal the ailing NHS”

p. 22 “New prescriptions plan”, subtitled “Repeat orders to be made through doctors to cut waste” – i.e. no longer via the pharmacy

p. 26 In the House, Alberto Costa under “Tackling mental health issues” – promises….

Op damages appeal fails”, subtitled “Payout for post-surgery death” – Glenfield 2007, then experimental, now routine keyhole heart valve replacement
A&E good, not perfect”, subtitled “Watchdog report positive, but signs could be improved”

p. 16 “£25k given to heart researchers” – NIHR Leicester Biomedical Research Centre

“Leading surgeon queries heart unit review figures”subtitled “NHS statistics have been ‘plucked from the sky’, says Lord Darzi –LeicMercury 4Aug2017,


p20 “I need NHS help to save my eye sight”, subtitled “Vital treatment required by Sian is normally classed as ‘cosmetic’ op”

Midwives’ talk about innovative service” – at International Confederation of Midwives, in-home blood pressure monitoring

p. 15 a letter by Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya, BMA junior doctor committee, under “Our doctors don’t have time to train”

p. 16 “NHS planners in England’s top 10%”, subtitled “Commissioning group wins national praise” – West Leics. CCG

**Fears over lack of cleanliness”, subtitled “Firm due to take on patient travel criticised” – Thames Ambulance Service, cheapest, but…

p. 22 “Better services sought for deaf”, subtitled “Concerns about support needs” – in NHS services
**Patients’ six-hour trip for treatment”, subtitled “Cost of sending people outside county rises” – mostly mental health patients