084) 27/9/21 – 16/10/21

Oct 16th

p. 8 “MP backs calls to stop ‘abuse’ of nurse title” Jon Ashworth, legal protection and for qualified nurses only


p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “43,000 wrong tests”


Oct 15th

p. 6/7 “Thousands of staff at LRI call on new chief to sort car parking security fears”


p. 10 “Everyday sounds aid people with dementia” – Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project

p. 12 NATIONAL “GPs slam ‘abuse’ over in-person care” – Sajid Javid


p. 12 “                 ,Covid rise in schools RATES of new cases of Covid-19 among schoolchildren in England are at their highest level since comparable figures began in autumn 2020, new data shows.

A total of 1,120.8 cases per 100,000 people aged 10 to 19 were recorded in the seven days to October 10, up week-on-week from 1,061.8. The rate for five to nine-yearolds is 574.2, up from 484.2. Case rates are currently rising in all age groups in England.


p. 15 an anonymous letter under “GP rescue funding will barely scratch surface”

Oct 14th

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Covid vaccine death” – Scotland, so far 5 deaths from vaccine, 11,262 from Covid


p. 15 an anonymous letter under “Vaccine critic earned the right to speak out” – defending anti-vac-scientist

p. 15 a letter by Richard Seal, NHS England, under “Pharmacies can help with health concerns”

Oct 13th

p. 12 NATIONAL: ”Covid criticisms are ‘hindsight’ – minister” – Minister for the Cabinet Office Stephen Barclay

p. 12 “’Get your winter jabs’” -Sajid Javid

“New cancer treatment” radiotherapy device for pancreatic cancer ops

October 12th

Safety questions over getting Covid-19 booster jab and flu vaccine at the same time answered

There could be some unwanted side-effects – but here’s what health experts have to say


Pes 1 and 4 are about a routine eye test leading to a nine-year-old being diagnosed with advanced brain cancer


p. 6/7 “Face-to-face appointments with GPs still close to levels seen during the lockdowns” – with some serious diagnoses missed because patients would not be seen


p. 8 “Patient on drink and drugs had to be handcuffed to a hospital bed” – illustrating staff abuse

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Jab plea for children” – parents urged to support vaccination

October 11th

Stay away if ill’ plea” – don’t spread it in the office

“GP workload rethink” – plans for pharmacists to write prescriptions


“Pregnancy warning” – Covid risks in pregnancy; women urged to get jabs

Face-to-face GP appointments in Leicestershire still close to lockdown levels despite ending of restrictions

Oct 9th

p. 6 “Hospitals have longest waiting list for ‘common’ ops in the country” – LRI and General, with stats provided


p 12 NATIONAL, brief “Doses for jab trialists” – of vaccines not yet internationally approved

“   “    “                   “        “Covid rise in pupils” – to one in 15 in secondary schools

Oct 8th

p. 15 a letter by K Myers under “Difficulties of trying to speak to human at GPs”

p. 15 an anonymous letter under “NHS messaging not very clear to everyone” – text messages should be more precise

p. 6/7 “Millions will fall into poverty with cuts to benefit, warns mayor”


Oct 7th

p. 15 a letter by Alan Poole under “Staff need somewhere to park at LRI” – it seems lack of designated staff parking has been responsible for lack of spaces for patients and visitors

Oct 6th

p. 5 “Mum tells of horror as tot’s heart rate rose to 208 beats a minute”, subtitled “Family raising awareness of genetic heart condition”

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Covid absences rise” – from schools

“    “   “                   “        “’Speed up jabs’ plea” – for children; Prof Neil Ferguson


UK does not have much ‘headroom’ for rising Covid cases, Sage expert warns Professor Neil Ferguson said the political decision to ‘live with Covid’ was behind the UK’s current level of transmission


p. 19 “Road show for people who are finding life a struggle” – Samaritans, World Mental Health Day    

Oct 5th

p. 11 “Parents divided over kid’s jabs” – no info

p. 25 “Smokers urged to quit habit with help from council” – Stoptober

p. 26 Booster Covid vaccinations rollout begins”


Oct 4th

p. 15 a letter by David Brazier, Shelter, under “How the city’s miracle has been left in tatters” – a must-read for anyone interested in social issues and government policies on them

UK may not be over worst of Covid pandemic, say experts A total of 4,127 deaths were reported in September


Oct 2nd

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Javid hails boosters”

 p. 16 “Walk-through Covid testing centre opens” – Phoenix House, Welford Place

Oct 1st

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Covid jab saves lives” – estimate 127,500

 p. 20/21 “Gift of the jab” – about Covid jabs for 12-17-year-olds

 p. 23 “Tigers coach raising cash for research into disease” – MND, also calling on government to invest more

p. 26 “Soldiers to aid Scottish ambulance service staff”

Sept 30th

p. 9 “Neighbourhoods where Covid infections are rising” – city, mostly spread in schools, it seems


Sept 29th

p. 3 “MP: Health staff must be priority for petrol” – Jon Ashworth

Sept 28th

 p. 10/11 “’At the time of my treatment I thought I could trust the man…’” – investigation into surgical procedures by retired gynaecologist

p. 12 NATIONAL “Health staff need to be fuel priority”

 p. 12 “                 , brief: “Mental health fears” – as a result of £20 Universal Credit cut

Sept 27th

p. 20 ”Celebrating infirmary’s 250th year”


p. 11 “Residents ‘at risk of abuse’” – Charnwood Oaks, dementia care run by Prime Life Ltd.; unexplained injuries