089) 2/6/21 – 12/6/21

12th June

p. 1/2/3 “Is it too early to lift the lockdown?” and “Freedom Day on June 21 – are we still on track?” and “The latest figures” –  more than 100 per 100,000 in city

p. 8/9”£450m not necessarily sufficient to see scheme all the way to the end” ​ article saying the £450 million might need adding to to account for price rises and other contingencies…..already!APOLOGIES-Cannot get the jpeg to upload

p. 12 NATIONAL “Delta variant rise must ‘ring alarm’”

p. 13 “PM makes vaccine pledge as G7 starts”

11th June

NHS ‘dangerously close’ to being crippled by treatment backlog, says British Medical Association

More than 5 million people are waiting to start treatment


p. 1 & 4 “Hospital is placed in special measures” and “Allegations of abuse, lack of leadership, 53 jobs not filled… hospital now in special measures” – Burton Park hospital, Melton, run by the Priory Group


p. 3 “General Hospital to get 80-place park and ride site”


p 9 “GP wrote misleading letters to help friend” – retired GP, registration suspended

p. 10 ”Doctor to have vital function at tribunals” psychiatrist appointed to Mental Health Tribunal panel

p. 12 NATIONAL “We followed advice, insists Hancock”

p. 17 “AI could help beat Covid-19”, subtitled “”Artificial Intelligence developed to identify virus patients who are most at risk of dying”


10th June

Pages 1, 4 and 5 “£450m revamp for Hospitals approved”, and “’Once-in-a-lifetime’ £450 million hospitals plan given the go-ahead”


p. 4 “Leicester’s Hospitals have (£77 million) massive backlog of repairs” – mentions previous Pathway plan for £1 billion investment, which fell through


p. 7 “’Real concerns’ over rising case rates in part of county”

p. 18 “MP sets out a five-point plan to help army of unpaid carers” – Liz Kendall


9th June

p. 2 “Barbecues and parties linked to trebling of infection rates” – esp. In Charnwood, with area infection map and numbers


p. 12 NATIONAL “Call for jab ’surge’ in areas given help”

p. 12 “                 , brief “Data move delayed” – GP data sharing system; concerns about privacy


8th June


GP patients support their medical records being shared with third parties by NHS Digital, says Matt Hancock

Patients have until June 23 to prevent their data being shared


p. 6 “Volunteers who helped vaccine push are hailed”, subtitled “Appeal for more help as new jab centres open”

p. 7 “Calls to take action now as Covid cases are doubling” – in those in their 30s and younger


p. 9 “NHS chiefs accused of keeping public in dark over hospitals revamp”, subtitled “No advance notice of important meeting being held today” and “Another snub”


p. 2 “Man’s frustration at trying to get help for nasty wound on arm” – about Single Point of Access and the risk of them not recognising when minor problems become dangerous


 p. 12 NATIONAL “’Too soon’ to rule on road map plan” – Matt Hancock

p. 12 “                 , brief “NHS staff ‘burnout”


p. 15 two letters on hospital reorganisation plans:

Satinder Toor under “Why bother consulting public in first place?”

Franklin O’Riordan under “Deja vu as complicated proposals are published”

7th June

p. 5 “Vaccinations reach one million”

 p. 5 “Hopeful sign as daily case rate falls below 100”, subtitled “But general trend is worrying health chiefs”

p 12 NATIONAL “Delay to unlocking ‘can’t be ruled out’”

p. 12 “                 , brief “Jabs for under-30s”

p. 13 WORLD “PM sets target to ‘beat coronavirus’” – G7

5th June

p. 9 “Extra vaccinations in the city this weekend” – at eight locations

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Jab hesitancy down”

 p. 16 “Million jabs given in county”- but ‘more to be done’

p. 22 “Recruits are wanted to test new diabetes drug” – for type 2

4th June

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Half fully vaccinated”

 p. 18 “Businesses back children’s hospital” – “£74,813 from Severn Trent Community Fund for a special room

p. 19 “Covid jab tech offers hope” – charity funds research into using vaccine technology to treat Duchenne’s

p. 24 “NHS thanks its Covid volunteer army”, subtitled “2,500 people have helped on 29 sites…”

3rd June

p. 9 “’We’re very lucky to have such a talent in Leicester’” – Award for GP Dr Sam Seidu for diabetes research

 p. 12 NATIONAL “’Nothing in data’ to stop reopening”

 p. 15 a letter by Giuliana Foster under “NHS should respond on demand for birth centre”