083) 18/10/21 – 07/11/21

November 6th

 “Patients’ files were accessed in cyber attack” – Nuffield PRIVATE hospital affected by attack on document management service

p. 12 NATIONAL “Inquiry call after Fuller sex attacks” – in hospital mortuarie

brief “Covid at record level”

 . 20 “Temple centre to highlight how vital organ donation is” – Jain Hindu Organ Donation Alliance

November 5th

7 “Pandemic impact could mean more non-Covid-related deaths” – prof Michael Peake on access to health services


p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Covid pill approved”


pages 28/29 “Protect yourself from Covid and flu this winter” – get vaccinated, with common questions answered

November 4th


p. 2 “’Don’t be stupid: get vaccinated’”, subtitled “Health chief on reason Covid cases have soared, the danger of flu and risks to the NHS – and you”


p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Cancer jab ‘working’” – against cervical cancer


p. 15 a letter by Tom Barker under “Will hospitals go down the route of Javid?

At a fringe meeting at the Tory Party conference in Manchester last month, Health Secretary Sajid Javid insisted that the government must stop “throwing cash” at the NHS, and that “there have to be . . . some significant reforms that make that money go a lot further.” This, after eleven brutal years of real terms cuts in NHS spending!

He followed up by a conference speech echoing Thatcher’s infamous statement that “there is no such thing as society” – arguing that people need to take responsibility for caring for their elderly relatives and “stop looking to the state to provide”. People need to ask “what I can do to help my own family?” before calling on government provision, he said.

Meanwhile, NHS bosses in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland plan to reorganise local hospital services on the basis that care in the community will make up for a very significant shortfall in the number of hospital beds.

We would be very interested in any comments from University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust in relation to Javid’s remarks.

Do they too expect cash-strapped families, already stretched to breaking point due to limited services, to further compensate for a government that simply doesn’t care?

Tom Barker, Save Our NHS Leicestershire

p. 20 “Jab clinic will open to all today”

p. 20/21 “Health map shows best spots to stay well” – city


November 3rd

The areas of Leicestershire with the worst coronavirus rates this weekOur infection rates have been among the worst in the country over recent weeks 


p. 4 “Covid link to diabetes cases ‘needs research’” – several experts

p. 15 two letters urging people to take the flu jab:

Dr Nigel Sturrock under “Take opportunity to get vital protection” and

Jon Ashworth under “I’ve had my flu jab – and you should, too


November 2nd

. Coronavirus cases in Leicestershire soar while most of the country sees fewer infections

Leicester and four districts are seeing some of the UK’s biggest jumps in case rates


2 ”NHS plea for more to donate their blood”

p. 11 “New brain therapy for depressed patients is available at hospital” – Glenfield, magnetic stimulation

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief ”Unvaxxed death risk” – 32 times that of the ‘vaxxed’


p. 12 WORLD ”Covid death toll at 5m in less than two years” – and probably much higher

p. 15 a long letter by Robert Ball under “We need to future proof our hospitals’ needs”

Thank you, G Foster you are correct to say: plans for city hospitals must be re-examined (19/10/2021, Leicester Mercury).

Why are patients in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland having to wait longer than everywhere else in England for some of the most common hospital procedures

The Covid pandemic delayed operations and treatments across the country, leading to patients suffering pain and distress. Hospital operation waiting lists go up due to lack of beds, staff (around 600 nurses are needed at UHL) or operating theatres.

Many readers will know of the controversial £450M plan to reorganise hospitals services in the city and county is under threat because of the government is now saying it may not honour full costs. The UHL plan, while not perfect was seen by health campaigners as bare minimum with nothing to cut without creating significant problems for hospital services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. 

It’s important hospital bed capacity in the plan is increased to cater for population growth and ageing population. Bed numbers currently only take us to the year 2032, only around five years after the scheme is due to be finished..

Expanding the plan must be a key demand, with extra capacity in terms of beds and staff for future proofing of health services. The government in not getting the message, even though Leicester’s hospitals have the longest waiting times for common surgeries in England and our shocking workforce levels. 

Rather than any reduction of the UHL plan, additional costs are likely due to: needs of neonatal services, quickly cut waiting lists (many people are in pain waiting), Covid preparedness and the new buildings must be carbon neutral.

We need to future proof our hospital needs with proper planning by government to expand the service sufficiently to meet patient need. Any reduction of the UHL plan is likely to be seen as betrayal of the public and a new consultation exercise will be expected.

November 1st

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Walk-in booster jabs”

p. 21 “Kids ‘getting addicted to stimulant’ Vardy used” – ‘Snus’, carcinogenic packets of tobacco leaves to keep under top lip


p. 23 “A happy milestone tinged with sadness” – Children’s Hospital fundraising hit £7.5m target


Oct 30

Ambulance service facing extreme pressures and overwhelming volume of calls


Patient’s 9 hour wait for treatment as NHS says urgent care walk-in centre is under pressure


p. 2 ”’Learn lessons from our son’s death in jail’” – with “Response from prison service and health practice” – from asthma attack

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Covid’s second peak”


Oct 29

Two items on p. 22/23:“All toddlers should get flu vaccine, GPs urge”


 “Covid jab – common questions answered”

Oct 28

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Queues ‘risk’ as two die” – in queuing ambulances

p. 18 “I had to wait 12 days for heart meds prescription” – blaming Boots

Oct 27

p. 12 NATIONAL “£37bn Test and Trace ‘has failed’”


p. 12 “Cancer survival fear” – stagnation feared  

p. 13 WORLD “’Great day’ as Africa gets 1a10m vaccines – from Moderna at lowest price, but most only late 2022


Oct 26

New plans mean healthcare assistants will be paid just 1p more than minimum wage

Nurse making the bed at a hospital

Often described as the backbone of the health service they are paid just £9.51 per hour.NursingNotes

Five months of Plan B could cost up to £18 billion, leaked documents suggest


p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Booster topping 6m”

p. 15 a letter by councillor Bill Shelton under “After seven-hour wait I fear for future of NHS”

Oct 25

Pages 1 and 4 “We waited over two hours for an ambulance as Dad lay in a pool of blood” and “’Long wait for an ambulance not acceptable’” – call was not prioritised.


p. 8 an appeal to join the stem cell donor register under “Baby Azalyia’s story…”

p. 12 NATIONAL “£6bn to shorten NHS waiting lists” (Read carefully;includes proposals for surgery theatres in Hubs!!)


p. 19 “Men can get breast cancer too” – awareness campaign

Oct 23

p. 7 “High-capacity jab site now open at temple and centre” – one site, Narborough Road

p. 12 NATIONAL “Scientists urge: ‘Get Plan B ready to go’”


“   12 “’Dying’ MP backs bill” – on assisted dying

Oct 22

p. 12 NATIONAL “’Serious concerns’ over A&E care” – CQC


p 15 a letter by G Albertella under “Measures essential to stop spread of Covid”

p. 15    Professor Martin Green under “Listen to care sector about jab legislation”

Oct 21

p. 6/7 “Child Covid rates 10 times summer peak”


p. 12 NATIONAL “Government still resisting ‘Plan B’”

Oct 20

Addiction warning” – Duchess of Cambridge, Taking Action on Addiction campaign

and “Booster jabs ‘critical’” – Prof Neil Ferguson

Oct 19

p. 6/7 “Volunteers wanted urgently by vaccine centres”

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “TB drug breakthrough” – new research into drug resistance

p. 15 a letter by Giuliana Foster under ”Plans for city hospitals must be re-examined”

 I am writing in response to the very disturbing article in the Leicester Mercury on 8th October stating that Leicester’s hospitals had the longest average waits in the country at over 17 months while the national average is around a year for ‘common’ operations.  Also, that a spokesperson from Leicester Hospitals stated that the pandemic had impacted on waiting times surely has to be debatable, given that the whole country was hit by the pandemic and not just Leicester.

This must raise questions about how realistic local NHS leaders’ plans are for future bed numbers in our hospitals.  Their plans – closing the General and holding extra bed numbers for a growing population down to a minimum – must be re-examined with an honest recognition that we simple do not have enough beds (or staff) at the moment.  While the Treasury threatens not to fund the planned scheme in full, we should be pushing for a bigger, more realistic hospital scheme. 

Oct 18

p. 12 NATIONAL, brief “Jab waste ‘criminal’” – Gordon Brown urging Europe and the US to send spare vaccines urgently to poor countries