092) 31/3/21 – 24/4/21

April 24th

p. 13 WORLD “Indian hospitals in plea for more oxygen”

p. 15 “Hospital visit because I was unable to see GP” – and found walk-in centre full of others who were there for the same reason


p. 7 “City has third highest Covid rate in country”

 p. 7 “New infections recorded”


 p. 11 “NHS’s ‘listening ears’ who comfort the dying” – hospital chaplains

p. 12 NATIONAL ”Covid passports ‘ready for summer”

Covid vaccinations top 700,000 as roll-out continues


p. 20 “’Surge test’ plan ready if virus variant is detected”, subtitled “Mass checks may be used – but no signs detected yet



p. 12 NATIONAL “Antivirals ‘could boost Covid fight’”

p. 12 “                 , 5 Minute briefing “’Respect’ for NHS” – 2/3 of people


Five die in Leicester hospitals of Covid


No spike in daily Covid cases yet despite schools reopening and restrictions being lifted


p. 8 “Public health bosses who led Covid fight honoured”

p. 8 “Jab clinic to be held at mosque” – – evening clinic at Central mosque during Ramadan


p. 10 “You can still climb career ladder with Parkinson’s, it’s just that it might be on a different wall” -NHS video


p. 9 “’Next few days are critical” – in showing impact of recent lockdown; county

 p. 6 “Inspectors had to step in to stop care home worker breaching rules” – Saffron House, Barwell, appalling ignorance among staff

 P. 10 “County researchers produce mass jabs guide”  Loughborough Uni, for setting up schemes worldwide

 p. 12 NATIONAL “India added to travel ‘red list’


p. 6/7 “Let us give families jab all at the same time” – Leicester City CCG, so as to boost uptake

 p. 6/7 “Eastern Europeans ‘have the lowest take-up rate’” – CCG, looking at ways to get people to come

 p. 7 “Food delivery workers could be prioritised”

 p. 8/9 tributes to Dr Surjit Kaur, first female South Asian GP in Leicester, who died aged 87

 p. 12 NATIONAL 5 Minute briefing “Diabetes campaign” – online, aimed at men aged 40+

p. 13 about the Covid situation in Germany “Germany remembers…”

p. 16 “Warning ventilation at pubs must be improved” – BMA

 p. 20/21 “’No modern slavery’ in city textile factories – but low pay and safety issues uncovered” –though no link to Covid spike


p. 2 “Death toll from Covid in hospitals up by seven” – in a week, five the week before

p. 6 “Vast majority of all adults vaccinated” -in city, county and Rutland

p. 12 NATIONAL “Infections lowest since last autumn”

p. 15 an unnamed letter under “Concerns pandemic has been politicised” – seems to be a grudge about a drug not having been licensed by the WHO


p. 2 “Secure mental health facility plan approved” – Ashby; many objections

p. 4 “57 Covid cases reported” – city and county, ? one day

p. 12 NATIONAL “4.7m on  list for NHS treatment”


p. 12 NATIONAL, 5 Minute briefing: “Jabs for care staff?” – consultation

p. 13 WORLD “EU to negotiate major Pfizer vaccine contract extension”

p. 15 an unnamed letter under “Give more support to key care workers”

p. 16 “City MP Liz accused of sneering at supermarket shelf stackers” – saying care workers would be better off stacking shelves at Morrisons


p. 12 NATIONAL “Easing lockdown ‘will cause deaths” – PM

p. 13 WORLD “J&J delays Europe vaccine rollout amid blood clot fears”


p. 12 NATIONAL 5 Minute briefing: “Asthma drug boost” – inhaled drug shortens Covid recovery


p. 1 & 4 “Lockdown is easing: We cannot afford to get this wrong” and “Health officials urge caution…”

p. 5 “Long queue forms for ‘excess’ vaccine jabs”  – of more than 200; Pfizer, Merridale MC, Braunstone

p. 5 “Daily total of cases per district scrapped” – counting by government

p. 12 NATIONAL, 5 Minute briefing: “Virus caution urged” – PM

“        “                    “                               “Radiotherapy plea” – ICR begs for more money

p. 13 WORLD, Global briefing: “China vaccine ‘less effective’” – Chinese admission

p. 16 “Covid jabs allowed in Ramadan” – imams urged to educate congregations

p. 22/23 “NHS staff ‘fear for safety at car park’” multi-storey at LRI

 10th April

Health chief (Ivan Browne) ‘nervous’ as lockdown restrictions ease due to number of unvaccinated young people in Leicester


p. 11 “Get testing and help stop spread of virus variants”, subtitled “Infections in city at twice the national rate still”


p. 12 NATIONAL “A step closer to holidays abroad” – Grant Shapps

 p. 19 “We need to speak from the heart about autism” – Autism Awareness Month

9th April

p. 12 NATIONAL “Hancock seeking to reassure public “ – over AstraZeneca  vaccine

 p. 13 WORLD “European Union ‘will not order Russia jab’” – German heath minister

p. 15 a long unnamed letter under “Boris has coped well with virus and Brexit”

p. 18 “New hub will give mental health help to mothers” –(Leics to be one of 20 pilot schemes: no details of where in Leicestershire)


8th April

p. 7 “More than 80,000 infections since start” – city and county; with latest numbers




p. 10/11 “City among the worst across Britain for ‘lockdown loneliness’”


p. 12 NATIONAL “AZ jab benefits ‘outweigh risks”

p. 13 WORLD “Brazil’s daily death toll passes 4,000”

7th April

Item about a 24-year-old having a double mastectomy because of her high genetic cancer risk (pages 1, 6 and 7) there is:

p. 2 “MP calls for clarity on vaccine passport (Jon Ashworth)


p. 12 NATIONAL “PM sticks to plan despite warnings” – scientific modelling group’s warnings, all a bit vague


p. 18 “Change to improve access to mental health support” – Vita Health Group with CCGs (change of contract from Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust to a private company Vita Health)

number 3 paragraph

6th April

Pages 1, 4 and 5 “Suicide rate on the rise” – with statistics and personal story

p. 10/11 are about jabs and tests and how to get them

p. 29 “Can breastfeeding or expectant mums be vaccinated for Covid?”

 p. 25 “Charities uniting to help people with cancer” – two, working in support

5th April

 children’s author Michael Rosen telling of his near fatal experience of Covid (p. 30) and a warning to hairdressers and beauticians that it is illegal to visit clients in their homes, there is:

p. 3 “City and county record low cases” – 41 and 47, Saturday to Easter Sunday

p 6 “A third of Covid patients end up back in hospital” – and one in ten die after discharge


p. 12 NATIONAL, 5 Minute briefing: “Cancer jab rolled out” – for one type or about 15% of breast cancers,

Saturday 3rd April

p. 12 “                   “Covid passports ‘discriminatory’” – various groups

p. 20 “Covid impact on children studied” – children in temporary accommodation, DMU

p. 24 “Health help over Easter”

p. 25 “Ramadan advice on fasting for diabetics” – Diabetes UK

2nd April

p. 5 “Covid patient numbers fall to six-month low in city hospitals” – below 100



Small rises in coronavirus cases reported in city and county as infections total nears 80,000


p. 12 NATIONAL 5 Minute briefing: “Long Covid a worry”

“   “    “                  “                                “UK was ‘unprepared’” – Deputy Chief Medical Officer

p. 13 WORLD “Vaccine inequity is unacceptable – World Trade Organisation

1st April

p. 5 “Youngest patient yet among the dead” – 17 in a week, incl. one under 20

p. 12 NATIONAL 5 Minute briefing: “GP’s workload fear” – half of them say it’s unsafe

p. 13 WORLD “Pfizer vaccine ‘is effective in teens’”

p. 19 “Celebrities back appeal…” – leukaemia drug not available in UK

p. 20 “Camera could help in the detection of cancer” – 3D gamma imaging

31st March

p. 7 “Centre to help set new vision for health studies” – Centre for Black and Minority Ethnic Health, Leicester

 p. 9 “Backlog of patients to be tackled, but Covid has to end”, subtitled “A third wave would damage recovery plan says NHS chief”

Hospital waiting lists rocket from zero to 8,000 during pandemic


p. 9 “Virtual appointments here to stay” – Andrew Furlong